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How to Find the Best Hotels in Castello, Venice with Venere

Castello is a region of Venice no tourist should miss. As the most eastern neighborhood of Venice, Castello offers a quaint, relaxing atmosphere for the laid back visitor. It is a varied and diverse place with regards to its beauty and appeal. You have to see it to believe it. With Venere, hotels in Castello, Venice are but a click away. Let Venere be your virtual travel agent. See the best Castello hotels listed on Venere. Get an overview of the region and preview your accommodations beforehand. Plus, Venere gives you dozens of tips for you to enjoy your trip. Venere is simple to use. Simply, enter your information and sit back as Venere guides you to the Castello hotels that suit your needs. Make a selection and before you know it, you will be in one of the beautiful hotels in Castello, Venice.

What's Castello Like?

Castello is one of the most distinct neighborhoods of Venice. It has much less tourist activity than other parts of Venice. Despite it being less touristy, it is a great deal more authentic. Here, you can experience a traditional side of Venice. Feel at home strolling down Castello's Michigan Avenue, as you pass the many small, vibrant cafes, shops, and bars. See the historic cathedrals of San Pietro and San Giovanni e Paulo and the old Gothic church, San Zaccaria. You can also stop by the Arsenale, the shipyard that gave rise to the word arsenal. There is a noticeable mix of the present and the past as you walk through the streets of Castello. Enjoy a morning walk through the Museo Storico Navale and learn about the glorious past of the Venetian Navy.

Tips For Getting Along With the Locals

The locals of Venice are mostly concentrated in eastern Castello. The locals eat and congregate at small restaurants. If one wants to fit in with the locals then find your way to the local osterios and enjoy the local cuisine. Doing a bar crawl is a perfect way to find all the little back ally bars and restaurants that host some delicious foods. Italians love food and this is no more obvious than in the city of Venice. Since its a seaside city, fresh seafood is abundant. For meat lovers, the tramezzini offered at many restaurants is a sandwich filled with crab, hams and cheeses. The food is great in Castello and if you respect the quiet atmosphere the locals enjoy, the stay in Castello is even richer. Visit Venere and come find the richness of Castello.