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About Isarco Valley

The Alta Val d’Isarco is a ski resort in the Dolomiti Superski Area. Located on the border between Italy and Austria, it stretches from the Brenner Pass down to the city of Bolzano. The valley has an enchanting mix of small medieval towns and vast apple orchards, with the Alps in the background. Don’t miss the lovely town of Vipiteno, close to the slopes of Monte Cavallo.

Useful Ski Info: The villages of the valley are located close to the winter sport areas and snow is guaranteed till spring. Skiing and snowboarding here, but also nordic walking and tobogganing.

Lifts and Slopes in Alta Val d’Isarco: 3 modern sky areas:

  • Monte Cavallo-Vipiteno: 5 lifts e 16 km (9 mi) of slopes.
  • Racines-Giovo: 8 lifts and 25 km (15 mi) of slopes.
  • Colle Isarco-Ladurns: 9 lifts and 14 km (8 mi) of slopes.

Ski pass Info: The Skipass Val d’Isarco gives you access just to the Val d’Isarco ski area, while the Ortler Skiarena gives you access to the nearby ski resorts too.

Weather in Alta Val d’Isarco: Snow is guaranteed through the winter season, and there are snowmaking systems in case of low snow levels.


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You’ve been asking…

What local dishes should I try when in Val d'Isarco?

There are plenty of delicious food options in Alta Val d'Isarco! The region's cuisine is centered around fresh vegetables, local wines, soup, dumplings and crullers. While staying in Alta Val d'Isarco, the dumplings should be one of the first foods that you try. The dumplings may be stuffed with bacon, cheese or sausage. A dessert dumpling stuffed with fruits such as apricots is also a regional delicacy.

Vegetables commonly served in Alta Val d'Isarco include fresh asparagus, parsley and chives. The asparagus is typically grilled and served as an accompaniment to dumplings or noodles. The afternoon meal often includes crullers filled with spinach and cheese curds. They may be served with gruel, soup or goulash.

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You’ve been asking…

Can kids ski in Alta val d'Isarco? Where?

Kids visiting Alta Val d'Isarco are welcome to ski on any slope, according to their ability levels. The Ladurns ski area is small and has several spaces dedicated to young skiers. Kids can take part in special ski camps and courses, and they can unwind in the Ladurns amusement park. There is also a babysitting service available.

Another great area for kids visiting Alta Val d'Isarco is Racines. This ski area has a ski kindergarten just for young kids. The "Ski-land" area of Racines features kids-only downhill ski areas that are ideal for beginner skiers, and all of the lifts at Alta Val d'Isarco accommodate children.

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