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About Versilia

Versilia, an integral part of Tuscany, is a province of Lucca. This exquisite city was named after the Versilia River because of its beauty and elegance. The most populated part of Versilia is Pietrasanta, which attracts a considerable amount of tourists throughout the year to its beaches. This beautiful province is known not only for its amazing beaches, but also for its inland adventures, including amazing wineries, and an active nightlife. Versilia has much to offer any traveler.

Versilia Weather: The temperature varies from 24 degrees Celsius during the summer to 9 degrees Celsius in the winter months.

Regional Cuisine of Versilia: Lamb, duck, salami, fish

Regional Wine of Versilia: Capitanato of Pietrasanta, Colli di Candia Apuani

Things to do in Versilia: Marina di Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi

Where is Versilia? Located in Tuscany in the northwestern Italian province of Lucca, Versilia is found south of Massa bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

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How do the beaches in Versilia compare to other beaches?

The beaches in Versilia are open and free with gorgeous views of the blue waters of the sea. The area offers many opportunities to rent accommodations right on the beach to enjoy the views and water any time of day.

Although many beaches around the world are beautiful, the beaches in Versilia will likely surpass them all. The line of beaches extends from Bocca di Magra to Arno. During the summer, you will find these beaches populated by many tourists as well as people who reside around the area.

The clear water is what attracts many to the beaches of Versilia. You can also visit the interesting villages that are close to the beaches to learn about the culture that surrounds this part of Italy.

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Why I love Versilia

When I first visited Versilia, I immediately fell in love with the sights and sounds that the area had to offer.

Because I enjoy the occasional dip in the water, I wanted to find a place that had beautiful beaches. As soon as I arrived, I was more than amazed at the gorgeous beaches that ran along the coastline of Versilia.

I also enjoyed the nightlife found near my hotel. Marina di Carrara is one of the resorts I visited while in Versilia. During the day, I took a tour of the marble museum and the quarries. I ended my trip with a couple nights of relaxing shows at the theater in a local park called the Marina di Pietrasanta. One of my favorite public figures gave a speech at the park that I will not forget.

About the author

David loves to travel and experience new cultures from around the world. Versilia is definitely one place he would like to visit again.

Travel Tips

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Things worth remembering in Versilia

Fun Fact: Versilia is known for having wild surfers.

Local Dish: A unique and amazing local dish is the pappardelle with duck or hare sauce .

Local Day Trips: When you visit Forte dei Marmi, you will be able to browse high-end shops and even get a chance to spot famous celebrities who frequent the area.

Local Hot Spots: Marina di Pietrasanta is a popular theater attraction in the park where many musicians perform and other cultural events take place.

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Besides beaches, what fun activities are available to do in Versilia?

If you’re done relaxing on the beach, you will find a wide variety of places you can go and see with family or friends. You can visit the parks in Versilia where you can sometimes catch shows and performances during the day. You can also stop by a restaurant to talk with the friendly natives about interesting topics from around the world.

If you enjoy the nightlife, check out the discos and pubs. The discos offer music, drinks and a fun atmosphere where you can dance the night away. The pubs are popular venues where you can go unwind with other tourists or locals. You can also hike through the trails at Alta Versilia for incredible views of Italian natural beauty.

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