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About Sanremo - Riviera dei Fiori

The Riviera dei Fiori scenery boasts wooded inland valleys and rocky inlets and bays along the sea shore. This region offers something for everyone, from the exciting life in the resort towns of San Remo and Cervo, to the quiet, medieval hinterland villages of Vecchia and Apricale.

Riviera dei Fiori Weather: With an average temperature of 29 degrees C, or 84 degrees F, July and August are the warmest months. December and January are the coolest months in the coastal towns with an average temperature of 12 degrees C, or 54 degrees F. The inland areas have much cooler winters, as some towns are located in the hills and mountains.

Regional Cuisine of Riviera dei Fiori: Goat, rabbit, anchovies, olives, artichoke, pine nuts and potatoes

Regional Wine of Riviera dei Fiori: Rossese di Dolceacqua Superiore DOC, Rosses di Dolceacqua DOC, Pigato d’Albenga DOC, Vermentino Riviere Ligure di Ponente DOC

Things to do in Riviera dei Fiori: Toirano Caves, Madonna della Costa Sanctuary, Dolce Acqua’s bridge, Prarola tower, San Sepolcro, San Giovanni Battista, Church of San Michele, Harbury Botanic Gardens

Where is Riviera dei Fiori? Located on the Italian Riviera, on the Ligurian Sea, Riviera dei Fiori is in the Genoa province in northwestern Italy. The western part of the region borders France.

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Can I visit San Remo for the day from Riviera dei Fiori?

Known as the Pearl of the Italian Riviera, San Remo is a renowned seaside resort in the region and a short trip from Riviera dei Fiori. San Remo boasts a temperate climate and minimal rainfall throughout the year. The flora and fauna that span the coastline are breathtaking.

While San Remo’s casino is world-famous, there is much more to see. The medieval center of town, La Pigna, is pedestrian-only, making for a lovely stroll. The Madonna della Costa Sanctuary above La Pigna and sprawling botanical gardens should not be missed. The boutiques, restaurants and cafes are a pleasure to visit.

It’s easily accessible by train or bus from the other towns in the Riviera dei Fiori region.

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Why I love Sanremo - Riviera dei Fiori

Scenic mountains, sandy beaches, caves, bucolic fishing villages, bustling resort cities, ancient monuments and wooded valleys.

Arriving in the city of San Remo, I was overwhelmed by the area’s beauty. The town was full of shops, restaurants, cafes, wonderful historic buildings and ancient monuments. As much as I wanted to spend all day on the sandy beach, I knew that there were too many villages in Riviera dei Fiori to explore.

I decided the best way to discover the many distinct areas would be to establish my base in San Remo and travel by train to as many villages as I could for the duration of my stay. On my next visit, I will spend more time soaking up the heat of the Mediterranean sun.

About the author

Leanne loves to travel throughout Italy. She spent two months in the Riviera dei Fiori region last summer visiting the enchanting cities and villages.

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Things worth remembering in Sanremo - Riviera dei Fiori

Fun Fact: The village of Cesio is split in two. One half is located on the old Colle di Nava road, while the remainder is in a panoramic and strategic position on a cliff.

Local Dish: Brandacujun was made by fishermen on their boats. They used to stir the pot full of whole fish by rocking the boat. Once the fish is cooked, it is cleaned and mashed potatoes, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and pine nuts are placed in the pot and heated through.

Local Day Trip: Head to the beautiful seaside resort town of Alassio. With its vast stretch of soft sand beaches, abundant water sports and wonderful promenade, it makes a lovely day trip.

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What are the Toirano Caves and where are they located?

The naturally formed, limestone dolomites, known as the Toriano caves, are located between the towns of Alvenga and Finale Ligure, near the Valley of Truth. There are three caves open for exploration.

The Grotta della Basura and the Grotta di San Lucia are connected by a channel. Tracks of Neanderthals dating back 12,000 years and those of a bear dating back 20,000 years were found in the Grotto di St. Lucia.

The Grotta della Basura is home to amazing stalactite and stalagmite formations. Further inside this cave are spectacular aragonite crystals. One of the caves, used in the 15th century as a sanctuary, contained artifacts that are on display in Ethnographic Museum of Toirano.

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