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About Capri Island

An enchanting world with only 11,000 permanent residents, the island of Capri offers unparalleled natural beauty, unique architecture and an aura of laid-back glamour immortalized by generations of artists and writers. Catch your breath at the magnificent views from Axel Monthe? villa, roam Capri town? historic streets and view the awe-inspiring Faraglioni rocks, inspiration for the Odyssey? Scylla and Charybdis.

Capri Weather: The hottest weather is in June, July and August, with temps between 22 and 26 C, while winter sees averages between 9-13 C.

Regional Cuisine of Capri: From fresh seafood to aromatic pizzas, Capri is famous for its Southern Italian dishes.

Regional Wines of Capri: Capri Rosso, Capri Bianco (

Things to Do in Capri: Mount Solaro, Blue Grotto, Faraglioni, Church of San Michele

Where is Capri? Capri lies just off the coast of Naples close to the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento.


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Should I stay in the town of Capri or in Anacapri?

Where you should stay on Capri depends on what sort of holiday you?e looking for.

To experience the glitzy, glamorous side of the island, stay in the town of Capri. Here, you?l find loads of designer shops, nightclubs and cafes. Savor a limoncello in the legendary Piazetta, a tiny square lined with ancient buildings where the famous and fabulous of the island parade past.

Generally more peaceful, Anacapri is the site of some of the island? most well-known attractions. Ten minutes by bus from Capri, Anacapri is home to the legendary Grotto Azzurra, the cliff-hanging Punta Carena lighthouse and Monte Solaro.

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Why I love Capri Island

I first visited Capri in college when a group of us hopped on the ferry from Naples, and we were drawn by tales of an enchanted grotto bathed in brilliant, blue light. What we found, much to our delight, was a tiny island blessed with some of the most mesmerizing natural beauty we have ever seen, along with plenty of lively nightlife. It was more impressive than we ever could have imagined. How lovely it was to linger on a spring evening over a bottle of wine in one of the posh little pavement cafes watching a parade of beautiful people stroll by and looking for famously familiar faces. Needless to say, we did not want to return to Naples.

About the author

Susannah P. first travelled around Europe in college, and Italy, with its golden light and warm people, will always hold a special place in her heart.

Travel Tips

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Things worth remembering in Capri Island

Fun Fact: Did you know that there are no actual sand beaches on Capri? Swimmers dive into the sea from rock formations.

Local Dish: The mouth-watering flourless torte called Torta Caprese was named for the island.

Local Hot Spots: Watch the sun set over the sea from the Punta Carena Lighthouse, preferably with aperitif in hand.

Local Favorite: Take a swim in the enchanted cobalt light of Blue Grotto after all the tourist boats are gone; just be sure to check on weather and sea conditions as the waters can be hazardous at times.

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Is the Blue Grotto worth visiting?

The Blue Grotto is an incredible, one-of-a-kind experience, particularly on a clear day when the diffused light creates an aura of crystalline blue. For best conditions, try to visit in the mid-afternoon. Only accessible by water through a hidden entrance, the cave is entered by lying down in a special boat. The otherworldly blue light is created by filtered sunlight entering an underwater opening just below the cave? entrance.

Inside the grotto is a temple built during the reign of the Roman Emperor Tiberius; Romans believed the cave was inhabited by mermaids and sirens. The acoustics are amazing, and if you?e lucky, the boat guide will serenade you in Italian as you move through fairytale caverns of neon blue.

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