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Amsterdam is full of diversity, great architecture, museums and art. There are also plenty of affordable rooms in the place they call “the New Free World.” Amsterdam is an authentic and picturesque European capital city that is well known for its historic canals and for being the world’s oldest stock exchange. Fortunately, cheap hotels in Amsterdam are readily available 24/7 many in the heart of the world-renowned nightlife and clubbing scene. As a matter of fact, when browsing through the enormous gallery of options for cheap accommodation in Amsterdam offered by Venere, you’ll notice how easy it really is to find a great place to stay, especially close to the action in the city center. The city is one of the smallest capitals in Europe and it houses the famous Anne Frank Diary museum, as well as other iconic museums and galleries which are haunted all year round by artistic enthusiasts and admirers of these famous works.

How to Stay on a Budget when Traveling to Amsterdam

Besides taking advantage of the long list of cheap hotels in Amsterdam, riding a bike is a great way to stay on a budget. Feel free to ask your concierge at your cheap room in the capital of The Netherlands for tips on bike rentals. There are approximately 400 kilometers of bicycle paths and it’s actually not that much of a convenience to own a car, since the city’s infrastructure really revolves around bikers and their paths. You’ll be doing the planet a favor too and fitting in with the locals. For a great budget trip, grab a coffee at one of the city’s many cozy cafes, and spend time enjoying the city’s picturesque canals, cute and ancient tilting buildings, and of course, its incredible public parks. Greenery is almost everywhere you look and budget hotels in Amsterdam are sure to be next to a pretty park that’s perfect for an afternoon nap after sightseeing!