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The turquoise splash and sparkle of its gondola-laden canals are the trademarks of Venice, which also boasts some of Italy's most unique and incredible art and architecture. Travelers who book rooms in Venice hotels will be within walking or boating distance of all of the fashionable shops, fine dining establishments, and historic sites that also define this chic but ancient city. Since Venice is the gateway to Northern Italy, booking a stay in Venice is the perfect way to begin or to round out a tour of this area of Europe. Accommodations in the Venice area vary in rates and level of amenities, giving you a wide range of prices and service options from which to choose during your stay. It's wise to use a site like to find hotels in this gracious city. On the website, you'll find photographs of Venice hotels, allowing you a preview of the rooms available before you make any decisions. You'll be able to read the many reviews from recent guests who have actually stayed at the listed hotels in order to get an idea of what to expect from the experience at each place.

What's Venice Like?

When you visit Venice, you'll feel as if you've stepped into a storybook world. It will seem as if you've been transported into another realm, where canals replace streets and gondolas take the place of cars. Although a visit to Venice is a charming and magical experience no matter when you go, traveling there between September and May will ensure the smallest crowds in the most tourist-friendly areas of the city. You will definitely want to visit the Piazza di San Marco, where you'll see the statues of the Lion of Venice and St. Theodore of Amasea atop the two great columns in the square. Rumor has it, one tempts fate if he or she exits the Piazza through those two columns, but many tourists have done so with no ill effects. Next to the square is the Doge's Palace, or Palazzo Ducale, once the home of the ruler of the Republic of Venice. It now serves as one of the city's finest museums. The palace is also a prime example of the Venetian Gothic style, and is considered one of Venice's most photogenic and iconic landmarks.

How to Get Along with Locals in Venice.

Italians are warm, friendly people. You should have no problem meeting locals who will be happy to suggest great eateries, shops, and events. They may even invite you to into their homes to show you true Venetian hospitality. To really get a feel for Venice, take a long walk down some of the quieter streets, away from the hustle and bustle of the more popular areas. You'll find cozy cafes, quirky bookstores, and delicious-smelling bistros where you can escape from the world. Strolling through the local neighborhoods, where residents visit with one another outdoors, is a guaranteed way to find opportunities to strike up conversations. If you will be in Venice for more than a few days, another method to meet locals is to find a small neighborhood pub or café you enjoy. Italians are curious and gregarious. If you show up at the same local spot more than once, they'll want to know your story and to tell you theirs. Be friendly, helpful, and have a big appetite, and Italians will embrace you with open arms.