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How to Find the Best London hotels with Venere

There are few places in the world that can boast the same historical fascination, upbeat-urban attitude, modern living, and diverse activities as London. A visit to this captivating destination is one you'll never forget, and here at Venere we’re ready to assist you in along every step when beginning your London adventure. Venere has over 1,000 spectacular London hotels from which to choose, from 5-star urban getaways near Big Ben, to rich historical accommodations by Trafalgar Square. London is sometimes known for its costliness, but with Venere, you can sort through hundreds of London hotels with multiple sensitive filters, including price, star ratings, amenities, and more to find the perfect fit for your unique needs, budget, and travel plans. Need a little more help choosing? No problem! Our travel assistants are happy to help guide you to the ideal lodging. And with plentiful reviews from real Venere users, you can be sure that the room you book is exactly what you expect with no surprises when you arrive in the capital of England.

What's London like?

When you think of London, what comes to mind? For many, one of the first things is London's rich history. The cityscape is peppered with museums exhibiting and preserving historical pieces, stories, and structures, some dating back thousands of years! But that is simply the tip of the iceberg of this thrilling city, which offers something for just about anyone mere steps from the doors of hundreds of London hotels. Think London's food scene is nothing to write home about? Think again. Today, London can be seen as a food capitol, featuring cuisines from all over the globe. Check out world-renowned restaurants like Holy Smoke just a 20-minute ride from the heart of downtown, or the decades-old Le Gavroche, a recipient of countless awards and accolades for nearly 50 years. Aside from the amazing food options, London is also known for its modern sightseeing opportunities like the London Eye. And while it's true that London can be an expensive place to visit, you can still discover myriad destinations and activities the city has to offer... completely for free! It's easy to find accommodation by the British Museum, which is free-of-charge, along with the breathtaking royal Kensington gardens, and many more.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in London

Before embarking on a trip to London, it's a good idea to arm yourself with a few handy travel tips. First, learning some of the slang will get you off to the right start with the locals ("loo" is the bathroom, "quid" refers to its currency, the pound). And while many London hotels are located within walking distance to countless wonderful locations, you may find yourself wanting to take public transit to get across town. Remember, London is a bustling metropolis, and transit such as the London Underground (aka the "Tube") is extremely congested at rush hours. As a courtesy to locals, try to plan your tourist travel outside of major rush hour times. Your wallet will thank you too... tickets are cheaper outside of those hours! Buses are another relatively inexpensive way to get around, especially in contrast to the cabs, which are far more expensive. Finally, even though you can find lots of world-famous restaurants, you should certainly check out local "caffs" for a delicious, local, affordable meal during your stay, especially for breakfast!