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How To Find The Best Paris Hotels With Venere

Straddling the banks of the Seine River, the city of Paris is a dream destination for many travelers. With its museums, famous landmarks, and its abundance of delicious food, Paris is a treat for tourists. Where else can you see the Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa, or the Notre Dame Cathedral? There are a few misconceptions about Paris, but one thing is fact: Paris is an expensive city. Myths around Paris hotels can be true: they are often smaller than similarly-priced rooms in other famous European cities. Some rooms are designed so that visitors must share common facilities with other guests. To avoid disappointment and to find the best deals on hotels around Paris, you should visit Venere. This site lists all types and price ranges of rooms and suites in Paris, and provides photographs of each one. There are also candid reviews of each accommodation so you can check out the experiences of other travelers before making any room selections. You book your rooms directly on Venere, where you can take advantage of special offers and discounted room rates available only to users of the site.

What's Paris Like?

Paris is an art-lover's paradise. From the famous Louvre - where Mona Lisa's portrait and the Venus di Milo sculpture are in residence - to the Modern Art Museum, visitors have ample opportunity to see famous artworks in person. Museums are all around the city, like the Marmottan Museum with its collection of impressionist paintings. If you arrange to travel to Paris on the first Sunday of the month, you'll find the bigger museums are free of charge. Getting around in Paris is easy. The Metro trains offer numerous, frequent stops throughout the city. Purchase a book of 10 tickets to use the Metro more frugally. Vespas, bicycles, and mopeds are available for rent everywhere in Paris. You can also book boat tours of the Seine, and walking tours of famous neighborhoods. Shopping is a favorite Parisian pastime, but be aware that many shops close on Sundays. You won't need help finding great meals in Paris. Just follow your nose or find a seat on the sidewalk next to the crowds in front of a busy bistro.

How to Get Along with Locals in Paris

To meet locals in Paris, avoid the bar scene. You're far more likely to strike up a conversation with a native Parisian by packing a nice picnic of cheese, bread, and wine, and spreading a blanket on any of the many public areas along the Seine River. This is where locals relax, unwind and socialize. Parks like the Ile de la Cite and the Luxembourg Gardens are great places to meet locals. You'll also find friendly French people by wandering through the 20 neighborhoods that radiate out from the city center. Try to learn a few polite words in French, and your efforts will be appreciated. Be aware that it is a strict custom in Paris to say "hello" and "goodbye" when entering and exiting the shops. Parisians are not into hugs, but they do kiss each other on the cheeks, even when meeting people for the first time. Cooking classes and fine art lessons are available for tourists, and offer even more opportunities to meet new friends. There are long lines in front of many of the more famous attractions, giving you yet another chance to find fun companions and enjoy your stay.