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It’s Lyon like only Venere is able to show you. Buckle your seatbelt and get ready for a heck of a ride! We are the company with years of expertise and the trust of thousands of customers. Still not convinced? Why don't you take some time off to browse through our huge database of reviews and see for yourself just how much we’ve evolved to be the number 1’s in reservations and hotel booking. Whenever you’re ready, we’ll more than gladly show you our excellent repertoire of cheap hotels in Lyon and the exclusive list of budget accommodation in the city of lights (in French La Ville Des Lumieres) and other neighboring areas. That’s Venere, wherever you want to go, we’ll take you there. It’s that easy!

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Home to the emblematic Basilique de Notre-Dame de Fourviere, Lyon is the third biggest city in France and a proud UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most Lyonnais are employed within the flourishing pharmaceutical, biotechnological and chemical industries. However, other significant trades are a source of employment within this great venue. Lyon also hosts the corporate headquarters of the Interpol, the International Agency for Research on Cancer known through its initials IARC, Euronews and more. Lyon is also the place where modern-day cinematography was born when the brothers Lumiere invented the cinematographe. There’s an atmosphere of tradition in all its buildings, popular places and there’s a wide variety of cheap hotels in Lyon. France is well known for inspiring the very best from all of us, especially when it comes to the quest for freedom. Feel free and check out all the affordable places to stay in the capital of gastronomy, which you can find by walking around the old town.

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There are so many things to do when you want to adhere to a tight budget when visiting Lyon. Explore Lyon on a bike, check out the free transportation options, visit the 2 Euro shops (extremely popular) and jump on a guided tour with other groups of travelers. It’s as easy as that! There’s absolutely no other way to enjoy a budget vacation than by making sure you find the best cheap hotel in Lyon with Venere. How about a tour and full access to a world of options in cheap places to stay in Lyon? Of course, it has to be Venere. Make the best out of your time in Lyon and take advantage of deals which you won’t find in any other website aside from www.venere.com.