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Legendary night life competes with wild natural beauty in Ibiza, the partygoers capital of Spain. Ibiza is actually an island located in the Mediterranean Sea off the eastern coast of Spain. Home to world renowned European DJs, this is a clubbers haven but it also surprises visitors with a quieter, more reflective side. The first impression of this island haven is of pine trees and sunshine, of whitewashed villas set against the sparkling blue of the sea. The UNESCO listed Alta Vila or Upper Town is an excellent example of Renaissance military architecture. There are several beaches to choose from and a winding coast line of groves and inlets that has fascinated seafarers for centuries. From chic contemporary accommodations to stylish boutique hotels close to the action, sorting through Ibiza hotels is easy with Venere. We've got a great selection of partner hotels with multiple images and reviews from real customers that you can trust.

What's Ibiza Like?

With sunny weather, night life second to none and the natural beauty of the Mediterranean, Ibiza truly does have it all, including Ibiza hotels at every price range. If Café del Mar, a neighborhood in Sant Antoni or San An and a favorite of Britons abroad, is the party capital of the island - chock full of night clubs, bars and lounges and thumping with dance music till dawn - Portmany, with its string of cafés, represents Ibiza`s quieter side. Each town on the island typically features a whitewashed church at its heart. As an island that was vulnerable to pirates, churches served as fortifications as well as places of worship. The fortified walls of the city - or acropolis - have been integrated into the town, including an outdoor concert area near the Sant Pere gate. While the night life scene beckons, it's important to leave enough day hours to explore the fascinating scenery. The island's shore line features many unspoiled areas, including coves and other interesting features. There are beaches for every taste, from Es Cavallet - wild and naturally landscaped, it`s an official nudist beach, featuring sand dunes that hide sunbathers from scrutiny - to the family-oriented white sands of Cala Tarida. Picturesque Cala Salada Beach is ringed by hills and pine forests, with turquoise blue waters. Watersports of all kinds are on offer, including scuba diving and boating. The cuisine naturally revolves around fresh seafood.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Ibiza

Nearly six million tourist flood the local population of under 150,000 each year in Ibiza. With the locals overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of tourists on this sunny island, it`s often a wonder if you find any to speak to at all. If you do, you`ll find them friendly and largely tolerant - except of bad behavior. Like many residents of tourist-heavy areas, the locals are wary of badly behaved visitors and appreciate courtesy and respect. There is also a peaceful side to this favorite haunt of the paparazzi and celebrities, and that is where you are likely to find local people. While this is a year-round destination, winter is among the best kept secrets; if you want to connect with the local population, this is when the beaches are deserted and the almond trees blossom and residents can be found enjoying the sights and attractions. Selecting the perfect room from your choice of Ibiza hotels is easy with Venere, featuring customer reviews you can trust and an easy online booking system.