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Gandia is located in eastern Spain on the Mediterranean Sea and is well known for its lovely beaches. With a population of 80,000, Gandia is a thriving community with a wide array of attractions. The city can be broken into two areas, the historical center with the majority of the city's monuments and artifacts, and the beach, located about a mile from the city. The beautiful sandy beaches make Gandia one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Whether you're here for the historical sights, the beach, or both, the travel agents of Venere will help you find the best Gandia hotels for you. With accommodations ranging from one- to five-star hotels, Venere ensures that will have the hotel you need regardless of your budget or priorities. So book now, grab your camera and sunglasses, and experience all that Gandia has to offer.

What's Gandia Like?

Since reopening in 2003, the Archaeological Museum of Gandia has featured a wide range of exhibits on the region's history dating back to Paleolithic times. It also houses many of the main archaeological sites on the continent such as the Bolomor, Parpallo, and Maravillas caves. With 700,000 square meters of white sand, there is a piece of beach for everyone in Gandia. With warm weather year round, the beach is a fine option regardless of the time of year you happen to visit. Whether you prefer a secluded and quiet patch of sand, or would rather surround yourself with cafes, shopping, and restaurants, you can find whatever your looking for on one of Gandia's four beaches. The beach area also houses most of Gandia's bars and nightlife opportunities as well. Just remember, in Spain nightlife typically doesn't start until well after midnight.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Gandia

Seafood is plentiful in Gandia. An classic rice-based dish known as Parella is also common in the city. For dessert, succulent cuisine such as coffee liqueur, chocolate Alicante, and horchata are available. As you'd imagine, Spanish is the primary language in Gandia, though its role as a tourist town makes this a little easier on those unfamiliar with the language. As you enjoy the beach and the museums, rest easy knowing that you have a Venere approved hotel to return to at the end of the day. Venere happily provides high resolution photos of every hotel they offer so you'll never be disappointed in your room. Booking is easy and can be done either online, through their multilingual phone service, or on the go with their free smartphone app.