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How to Find the Best Vitoria Hotels with Venere

The town of Vitoria, Spain is a wonderful community with a lot of history and culture. Predominantly Basque, it is situated in the province of Alaya. If you are traveling to this amazing destination, you can trust to help you find only the best Vitoria Hotels. To start, all you have to do is log on to and simply type Vitoria into the search box along with the dates of your stay. The Venere system will immediately pull up all of the available for you to consider. There will be a rating system beside each hotel with live feedback from travelers that have stayed at that hotel. Venere also offers a convenient phone number that you can use if you prefer to do your bookings over the phone instead of online.

What's Vitoria Like?

Often called Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spanish: Vitoria; Basque: Gasteiz), the community has a flair for multiculturalism. There are a number of rock festivals throughout the year, and there are several famous wineries, including Ysios and Marques de Riscal. Beethoven dedicated his Opus 91 to the community of Vitoria. The symphony, often called "The Battle of Vitoria", commemorates an episode in the Napoleonic wars where the Duke of Wellington was able to repel the French forces and nearly capturing Joseph Bonaparte. The downfall signified a turning point in the wars and eventually led to Napoleon's defeat. Tourists can visit a memorial statue marking the event in Virgen Blanca Square. The town's history dates back to 1181 when Sancho the Wise named the outpost Neuva Victoria.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Vitoria

The locals in Vitoria are much like the residents of any other Spanish town. It is important to remember that if you are traveling to the area on business that sometimes the residents of this town can keep strange hours. Shops often close during the mid-afternoon so that the Spanish can take a siesta. Although most of the employees of any of the Vitoria Hotels that we service will speak English, it would behoove the travel to pick up some Spanish words. Another important fact to remember is that when you are referring to a Spaniard that you do not know or one that is elderly to make sure that you use the more formal term "Usted" instead of "Tu" in order to show respect. In Vitoria and elsewhere the Spanish are very proud of their churches, so make sure that you dress well and avoid looking unkempt. You can trust Venere for all of your Vitoria Hotels and other important information!