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Almeria, situated on the Andalusian coast of the Mediterranean Sea, is a city rich in culture and tradition. Whether you are traveling there for business or pleasure, can provide you with an extensive listing of Almeria Hotels in order to help you make an informed decision on where you would like to stay in this historic city. Venere provides extensive listings for Almeria and many other international cities, and is the premiere choice for travelers because of its user-friendly interface. All the visitor to Venere's website has to do is simply enter the name of the city and the dates of their stay and Venere will pull up all of the hotels available. Venere has a tab feature which alerts the traveler to when occupancy is filling up for a given selection, and a message will flash when a hotel has been selected by another visitor.

What's Almeria Like?

After you get booked at one of our Almeria Hotels, you can take your time and enjoy all that the city of Almeria has to offer. This timeless city, which was once at the center of the Christian and Muslim conflict during the Crusades, has a host of landmarks for you to consider. First of all, the Alcazaba is a medieval fortress begun in the 10th century but destroyed by an earthquake in 1522. The ruins of San Cristobal, a nearby castle connected to the Alcazaba by several lines of walls, takes the visitor to a time many centuries ago before the plane, the automobile, or the web page in which you are viewing this article. The Renaissance Church in Santiago was built in 1533 and has a wealth of artistic reliefs on its walls. Finally, the Paseo de Conches is a modern seaside promenade by the Mediterranean with wonderful gardens and palms.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Almeria

Almeria is a locale that is heavily influenced by its history. To begin with, the Catholic church has a large presence there,made visible by several landmarks. On the other hand, there is a large Islamic influence and presence in this notable Spanish city. Besides Spaniards, there is a large population of Senegalese, Moroccan, and Pakistani individuals that make this city home. During your stay in Almeria, always strive to be friendly to the people that you come into contact with. Although it can be a little intimidating, remember that most of the people you see will be in the service-oriented industry, so the best strategy is to simply treat them with the same courtesy that you would if you were traveling within your home country.