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While travelers enjoy the relaxed pace of Madrid as a southern, sun-drenched city, there is also a vibrant energy like no other place on earth. This is no harried icon to commerce; rather, Madrid is a city in love with life. Madrid is the capital and largest city in Spain, a city of more than 3 million people with twice as many in the greater Madrid area. For visitors, Madrid represents an affordable vacation that offers a rich and lively experience of arts, culture, physical beauty and delicious, healthy cuisine. Many of the world's cities are tourist-friendly, but Madrid is unusually welcoming to visitors and newcomers. There is a saying - "If you're in Madrid, you're from Madrid." The city's architecture reflects its rich history, ranging from ornate medieval and baroque palaces to sleek contemporary masterpieces. The city hall's which arches are considered a masterpiece of neo-Gothic splendor. From designer boutique hotels to historic properties and ultra-modern skyscrapers, makes choosing the perfect Madrid hotels easy with multiple images, reliable reviews, and streamlined online booking.

What is Madrid like?

Madrid is a treasure trove for travelers to explore. With a host of museums, galleries, and arts venues, the city is a magnet for art lovers of all kinds, and many Madrid hotels echo that passion with artistic themes and décor. The city's museums house collections that rival the most impressive in the world and there are exciting contemporary art venues such as the Matadero Madrid, a series of pavilions housed in what was once a slaughterhouse and which now includes galleries, arts and music venues. The night life scene in Madrid is legendary, from cocktail bars to stylish lounges to dance clubs and live music. Local cuisine emphasizes seafood and includes signature dishes like paella - a mound of saffron-infused rice riddled with seafood and vegetables in many different forms. Alongside local delicacies, Madrid has become a center for culinary innovation and the dining scene is diverse and world-class in caliber. The Retiro Park offers the beauty of nature as an alternative to the man-made variety, and while there are many world-class shopping opportunities in Madrid, none captures the spirit of Madrid better than The Rastro, a street market that has existed since medieval times.

How to Get Along with Local People in Madrid

In centuries past, the Spanish royalty valued and patronized the arts and local artists, including some of the world's most renowned artists such as Goya and Velázquez. Today, the citizens of Madrid remain fiercely proud of their beautiful city and its history. The best way to connect with the people of Madrid is simply by adopting the city's fun-loving, arts-loving attitude. Lingering in a cafe through the afternoon, drinking sangria and listening to live music or partying in a chic night club till dawn are sure ways to cross paths with locals. The Puerta del Sol is where the main streets of Madrid merge together and a wonderful place for people watching. Along with art, soccer is part of the lifeblood of this city and catching a Real Madrid game at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is another surefire way to connect with the people of the city. While controversial to some, Las Ventas Bullring is world renowned and offers a glimpse into a unique facet of Spanish culture. Exploring the wonders of the city is easy with, where all our Madrid hotels have been rated by real customers.