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If you are looking for a hotel in the beautiful Spanish port town of Cambrils then you should consider for the most thorough listing of all accommodations. Although the main industry of Cambrils is tourism, there is a growing trade in the manufacture of chemicals and petrochemicals. Thus, the main travelers to the region will be for tourism and for business. Whatever the reason for traveling to the city of Cambrils, a visitor can be certain that their accommodation needs will be taken care of with Visitors to the Venere website will find that the site is immensely user-friendly. All the prospective traveler has to do is simply enter the name of the town and we will instantly retrieve all of the available hotels within that area. In the case of Cambrils, there are dozens of hotels available.

What's Cambrils Like?

Like many other towns on the coast of Spain, Cambrils is a thrilling blend of history and sun-drenched beaches. For the history buff, there is an annual ceremony that commemorates a battle from the War of the Reapers conflict in 1640. Instigated by Philip V, this battle lasted three days until the Cambrils residents finally capitulated. The ceremony is held in the Plaça del Setge (Siege Square). Cambrils has a generous amount of beaches as well. These include the Beach Cape St. Peter, Vilafortuny Beach, the Beach Squirrel, Cavet Beach, Playa del Prat in Forès, Horta de Santa Maria Beach, Playa de la Llosa, Archdeacon's beach, and the Playa La Riera. There are a number of Cambrils Hotels that are within meters of the beach. People that enjoy shopping will not be disappointed with the locale either. There is a weekly market and the Agricultural Cooperative of Cambrils also has a couple retail spaces for their products as well.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Cambrils

Like any other tourist locale, the important thing to remember is to be polite. When you go to the Cambrils Antiques Market, be aware that the merchants are accustomed to tourists so go ahead and haggle away with them to your heart's content. If you take a stroll around the Cambrils General Market you will hear the locals calling out the prices of their wares in Spanish. Should you attempt to purchase something while in Cambrils, make sure that you have plenty of Euros available. Cambrils is an extremely colorful city, so to blend in you could wear some bright clothing. The employees at any of Venere's Cambrils Hotels will also be glad to answer any of your questions regarding local customs.