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Fortuna is located in the mountainous Murcia region of Spain. The town's hot springs date back to Roman times and continue to draw in visitors seeking their natural healing powers. The spa environment makes Fortuna a quiet, peaceful alternative to the crowded tourist spots along the coastline. Several Roman archaeological sites are present throughout the area as are a nature reserve and large parks. This wealth of nature makes Fortuna ideally suited for outdoor lovers as well as for singles and couples, young and old, who want to relax at the spa baths. Finding the best Fortuna hotels to stay in are made even easier with Venere. There are no false promises or discounts that skimp on quality. Venere partners with trusted hotels who offer savings that matter and are backed by reviews from real guests.

What's Fortuna Like?

Fortuna offers a rich landscape full of outdoor adventures. A large lake and nature preserve is in the southern part of town while two large parks in and around Fortuna reveal even more of the local wildlife. El Balneario Romano, one of the nearby archaeological sites, gives a unique peek into the area's Roman history. However, it's the spa baths that continue to take center stage. El Balneario de Leana is the most well-known spa offering a variety of thermal and holistic treatments. Meanwhile, the surrounding mountains paint an idyllic backdrop for this peaceful setting. Despite the town's mild spirit, there are still plenty of festivals throughout the year that stir up the local scene. Fortuna hotels bring out the very best of this pastoral haven, making it even easier for guests to discover why Fortuna is such a gem.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Fortuna

With less than 10,000 inhabitants, life in Fortuna is traditional and low key. For getting around town, some Spanish is highly recommended. The market day on Saturday is a great way to take in some local activity as well as local food. Local dishes include gachasmigas (with flour, garlic, olive oil and sausages), a rice and fava bean dish called empedrao, a potato and garlic omelette known as tortilleras, and paella de conejo y caracoles, which is paella with rabbit and snails. Outdoor activities in Fortuna include everything from hiking and fishing to snail picking. Whether seeking spa luxury and comfort or simply soaking up some nature, Venere helps guests find the right place to stay. We feature the best Fortuna hotels so that guests can find the right one based on price, location, and real reviews.