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How to Find the Best Toledo Hotels with Venere

Known as The City of the Three Cultures, Toledo is well renowned for its cultural confluence of three religions - Christianity, Islam and Judaism. There are many places for a tourist to explore in Toledo - be it religious, historical or simply exploratory sightseeing. The most important decision to make when it comes to vacationing in Toledo is your hotel - pre-booking your choice amongst the Toledo Hotels will ensure a hassle free vacation. This is where Venere steps in - with fantastic deals and last-minute discounts - we can book your hotel according to your needs and preferences. And not just that, we will also provide you with a map ensuring you reach your hotel in the least possible time. We also have real guest reviews of all hotels letting you make the most practical choice possible.

What's Toledo Like?

Toledo is said to be populated ever since the Bronze Age. From the Jews to its Pagan inhabitants, from Romans to Goths to Moors - and finally now - being the capital of the province of Toledo and the autonomous Castile-La Mancha; Toledo has had many rulers and all of them seem to have left their architectural and cultural marks on the city. Toledo is rife with churches, synagogues as well as mosques - each vying for the sky. If you like museums, then at Toledo there's no dearth of them - Alcazar, Victorio Macho and the Museo de la Espana Magica make for excellent visits. Toledo is also known for its legendary swords. If you are in the mood for one of these rather sharp-edged keepsakes, do remember to check if they ship to your hometown first as you cannot carry them on board your flight. Remember to make sure that your choice of Toledo Hotels places you right in the middle of your list of must-visit places. Walking and exploring Toledo by foot is what most tourists do, though you can inquire about rentals at your hotel desk.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Toledo

While Toledo is surrounded with the river Tagus on three sides, its higher altitude means it gets a lot of sun so temperatures tend to be a bit high. Remember to carry sun block and water - keep buying refreshments from the local shopkeepers who would only be too happy to give you directions to your next goal in mind. The lanes of Toledo are walkable but are almost a maze - getting lost is easy so do ensure that your back in your hotel before nightfall. The locals are friendly and Toledo is a fairly safe city - do ask your Venere Toledo Hotel's desk for a map to be armed with directions at all times.