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Teruel is an ancient city known for its fantastic surroundings. Giant rock formations contain some of the oldest dinosaur remains to be found in the entire Iberian peninsula, making Teruel an escape to another time. The beautiful architecture only heightens this sense, with historic buildings that showcase all sorts of ornate and intricate designs. Teruel is known as a City of Love, and it's a great place for a romantic escape. Popular fiestas roll through town twice a year, bringing in visitors from all over the nation. Teruel hotels fill with the languages of all nations, as the city's tradition of mudejar, or Moorish-influenced architecture, has qualified it as a World Heritage Site. When you book through Venere.com, you'll have access to the finest lodgings in town, as well as reviews of hotels and tips for places to eat and things to do.

What's Teruel Like?

Teruel offers guests an exotic atmosphere that simply can't be found elsewhere in Spain. This is likely due to the dizzying blend of cultures that have made Teruel home over the last 1500 years. Spain is a place where European and African aesthetics mix, and the effects are nothing short of stunning. Some of the best places to appreciate them while in Teruel are the Mudejar Cathedral of Teruel, which boasts an aesthetic that can't be found anywhere else in the world, and the Torre de El Salvador, another mudejar site. Beautiful churches, including San Pedro, La Merced, and San Salvador, offer guests the chance to contemplate incredible beauty. Many of the top sites sit within walking distance of Teruel hotels. Meanwhile, other sites, like Los Arcos, the Palace of the Marquis of Tosos, and plenty of local museums, bring in interested visitors from all over. Dinopolis Teruel is fun for the whole family, with dinosaur-themed rides and a museum that teaches kids of all ages about the local dinosaur digs.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Teruel

When visiting Teruel, it's important to keep the locals in mind. Making friends with some residents, or at least engaging in meaningful exchanges, will make your trip much more meaningful. Here at Venere.com, we've found that one of the best ways to connect with locals is to pick up a few words (at least) of the vernacular. If you greet people in their native tongue, they'll be much more likely to react hospitably. Whether you're in the lobby of a Teruel hotel, or out and about on the street, make sure to practice - it's sure to pay off.