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The central Spanish city of Albacete is located in one of Spain's most historic regions. Savvy travelers know that Albacete is a great home base from which to experience the historical and cultural attractions of the Castilla-La Mancha region. Albacete is a large urban center and it can be difficult to find a quality, affordable hotel over the Internet. Venere, a leader in internet hotel booking, makes finding the right Albacete hotels quick and easy. Travelers can visit Venere to book hotels in a matter of minutes. Just enter some basic information and Venere's customized search engine will find Albacete hotels with open rooms, many at extremely affordable rates. Travelers can also choose the amenities they want for each hotel room with Venere's certified guest review program. So visit Venere and then begin planning your trip to one of Spain's most exciting destinations.

What's Albacete Like?

Albacete is a large city in the heart of historic central Spain. It has been an important industrial center since the Middle ages when Albacete was founded by the Moors (Albacete is the Arabic word for plain). Albacete is still a major manufacturing center for knives and daggers. Albacete has many historic buildings, including the cathedral, which dates from 1515 ad and houses many Renaissance altarpieces. Albacete also has a fine museum, the Museo Provincial, which has many historical artifacts on display, including Iberian sculptures, Roman dolls, and 20th century paintings. There are many medieval castles in the historic towns surrounding Albacete. The town of Chinchilla de Monte Aragon is seven miles from Albacete. It has a well-preserved old quarter and the remains of 15th century castle. Also of interest is Almansa, a nearby town with an imposing Moorish castle.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Albacete

Albacete is a good home base for literature lovers to take a tour of Don Quixote country. Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes is one of world literature's great treasures and Cervantes had the Man of La Mancha and his loyal companion Sancho Panza visit many real locations near Albacete, including the towns of Puerto Lapice and El Toboso. The highlight of any Don Quixote tour is the Campo de Criptana where the delusional knight jousted with windmills. It can be difficult to find the right hotel for a Don Quixote tour while booking online, but Venere offers searchable maps for each of hotel. Venere pinpoints the exact location of Albacete hotels and their distance from popular tourist attractions, like Don Quixote's windmills.