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The hottest major city in Europe, nestled in the south of Spain, offering a fantastic blend of history, music, food and culture, Seville is a gorgeous, must visit destination, for every kind of traveller. You would think that somewhere so wonderful would have to be expensive, right? Not when you book a fantastic cheap hotel in Seville with Venere. We pride ourselves on being the experts of travel, and our website features a wide of selection of hand-picked accommodations to suit any budget, so with us, you’re bound to find something perfect for your dream budget Seville getaway. And it couldn’t be easier – right now you’re only a few clicks away from having your hotel chosen, booked, and waiting for you. With Venere, you can rest assured knowing you made the right decision – we list every hotel with all the information you could possibly need, as well as genuine reviews from satisfied Venere.com customers.

A view of Seville

Like every great city, Seville is built upon centuries of fascinating history, and knowledge of this will really enrich your stay in a cheap hotel in Seville. There are many options to explore. You can visit the cathedral, which is the third largest church in the world, as well as being the burial place of Christopher Columbus! Also worth a visit or two is the Museo de Bellas Artes, as well as a whole host of other great museums. That’s the daytime sorted, but the night time is where Seville, known as the Frying Pan of Andalusia due to its heat, really comes alive. The city has more bars per inhabitant than anywhere else in Europe, and the parties go on till around 7am. Before that, head out to restaurants serving traditional southern Spanish cuisine, as well as sangria, the perfect accompaniment for this wonderful holiday. A common practice among locals over an evening is to go between different tapas restaurants, having a small bite at each one. And no trip to Seville would be complete without enjoying a real, authentic Flamenco performance.

How to stay on a budget when traveling to Seville

Staying on a budget when you stay at a cheap hotel in Seville shouldn’t be too difficult with a little inside knowledge, and as the experts in travel, we at Venere pride ourselves on being able to go the extra mile and give that to you, free of charge. So here are some tips. To get around, we recommend either cycling or taking the bus. Bikes can be hired for around a dozen euros per week, with an easy docking system, where you pick up a bike wherever you are, and then leave it at another one. If buses are more your style, purchase a bus card from a news stand – this is a little cheaper. A Sevilla card is recommended too whilst staying on a budget in Seville – this gives you unlimited and free access to the museums, guided tours, and boat rides on the river. When picking a restaurant, look for ones where the menu is not in English – these tend to be less geared towards tourists, and to serve better and cheaper food.