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How to Find the Best Barcelona hotels with Venere

What could be better than a day in Barcelona, where you can wander through the stunning city sights, sip on world-class coffee, dine at unforgettable restaurants, and finish it all off with a stroll at the beach? Let Venere help to make this dream a reality as you plan your trip to the one-of-a-kind city of Barcelona. Venere lists hundreds of the very best Barcelona hotels and offers easy-to-use filtering options for you to quickly and efficiently find the hotel for you at the price, star rating, amenities, or location you wish. You can even browse through reviews from real Venere users to get the inside perspective on hundreds of hotels, and know exactly what to expect before you buy. Call or visit our website today to browse through amazing destinations in Barcelona or speak with a travel assistant to help you find the perfect fit for your unforgettable trip.

What's Barcelona like?

No matter who you are or what you're interested in, Barcelona will amaze and satisfy your every getaway desire. If you're looking for art and history, consider booking your hotel near the Picasso Museum, which features world-famous pieces and is free to museumgoers on the first Sunday of every month! Sports fans should be sure to check out the Camp Nou Stadium for exciting matches on a global stage. There are also plenty of Barcelona hotels near the Sagrada Familia Basilica, which is an absolute must for many visiting the city. And if urban adventures and long strolls through the city excite you (and they certainly should in Barcelona!), head for a leisurely promenade down Las Ramblas, particularly in the evenings to see the street performers. You'll find Barcelona hotels near to just about anything you could want, and don't forget about the amazing food! One thing you should certainly never miss while in Barcelona are the wonderful tapas, which are plentiful and easy to find just about anywhere in the city.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Barcelona

Just like any other major city, it's always a good idea to plan your day commutes ahead of time and familiarize yourself with your routes, whether they’re on foot, using a rental car, or riding public transportation. It's generally a polite gesture to working locals to avoid public transit during major rush hour times, but if you are travelling during the highly congested hours, take extra care to know your route and any transfers ahead of time! There are lots of amazing Barcelona hotels with easy access to public transportation, and tickets are convenient and affordable. Within the city, pickpockets can be problematic, but you can protect yourself like a local easily with a few simple tips. If you are lost or need to consult a map, be sure to do so in a cafe or other location inside to avoid being labeled as a target or being caught off-guard. Additionally, avoid wearing your bags on your back or leaving your possessions unattended. With just a little know-how, you should be perfectly safe and blend right in with the locals!