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The Mediterranean port city of Cartagena offers visitors plenty of sun, sand and cultural attractions. Cartagena's mild climate and pristine beaches make it one of Southern Spain's most popular tourist sites. It can be difficult to book quality, affordable Cartagena hotels during the height of the tourist season. Venere, one of the world's leaders in online hotel booking, has available rooms for every budget. Travelers looking for a high-end vacation can find the most luxurious accommodations through Venere's certified guest review program, which offers honest and accurate information about the amenities at Cartagena hotels. Budget travelers will also find what they're looking for at Venere which offers many quality hotel rooms at deeply discounted rates. Whether online or by phone, Venere makes it quick and easy to book the perfect Cartagena hotel.

What's Cartagena Like?

Cartagena has been a popular maritime destination since ancient times with the Carthaginians (Cartagena means new Carthage), Greeks and Romans passing through the city's natural harbor. There are still many ancient ruins in Cartagena, including a restored Roman theater and the Muralla Bizantina (Byzantine wall), which dates from the Middle Ages. Maritime history buffs will enjoy the National Museum of Underwater Archeology, which features an outstanding collection of Greek and Roman artifacts. Cartagena is a major base for the Spanish Navy and its Naval Museum includes an exact replica of the famed Peral submarine, which was the first electric-powered U-boat in the world. Cartagena's park is an ideal place to start a tour of the city. The scenic park is surrounded by the ruins of a medieval fortress, the Castillo de la Concepcion and a lovely seafront walk lined with Palm trees. Across the street from the park is Cartagena's whimsical city hall, which is one of the many Art Nouveau buildings scattered throughout Cartagena. The park also borders the Calle Mayor, a large vibrant street that features tapas bars and fashionable boutiques.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Cartagena

Cartagena has many pristine beaches that are part of the Spanish Mediterranean's Costa Calida (Warm Coast). Travelers can choose from 10 beaches that are certified as the highest in quality by Spanish tourism officials (the knowledgeable Cartagena hotels staff can point travelers to the nearest beach) or they can hang out at the rugged El Portus beach, which is a popular destination for locals. Finding a hotel near the perfect beach is easy with Venere. Just log on to Venere, and use the interactive map feature to pinpoint the exact location of each Cartagena hotel. The maps also feature the locations of museums, tourist attractions, train stations and airports in and around Cartagena.