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The southwestern port city of Cadiz with its heritage of Phoenician, Greek, Roman, and Moorish cultures no longer qualifies as one of Spain's best-kept secrets. Situated in the Andalucia region on the peninsula's southernmost tip, Cadiz's unique location places it halfway between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors are now discovering what Spaniards have long known: Cadiz is the perfect vacation destination with its combination of historical sites and wide stretches of golden beaches. For these reasons, knowledgeable travelers reserve Cadiz hotels with Venere for discovering the wonders of Iberia's oldest town. To facilitate selecting the right Cadiz hotel, perceptive consumers rely on Venere's global expertise in online accommodation booking.

What's Cadiz Like?

Cadiz is in its fourth millennium of continuous habitation. The city is divided between the historic center that contains impressive attractions and landmarks, and the newer city with its main avenue and hundreds of side streets. The town's medieval quarter is an ideal place to start a walking tour to discover the remnants of Cadiz's ancient past. The old town and the new city are separated by the 16th-century historical gates known as Las Puertas de Tierra. Exploring the El Populo, Santa Maria, and La Vina districts gives visitors glimpses of their distinct and colorful character. A trip to the Tavira Tower, described as an engineering marvel, permits tourists to climb the historic watchtower for a panoramic view of the city. Cadiz's walking tour provides architectural buffs with an impressive variety of structures to admire in cathedrals, monuments, and castles that demonstrate diverse Gothic, Moorish, and Baroque influences. The beautiful Plaza de Mina is also home to the Museum of Cadiz, which contains relics from the city's 3,000-year history.

TitleTips for Getting Along with the Locals

ParagraphCadiz also offers its botanical gardens, as well as the upbeat sounds of flamenco songs. Beaches, such as Playa de La Victoria and La Caleta, are among the many that are also popular with fun-loving locals known as Gaditanos. Finding quality Cadiz hotels near the best beaches is easy with Venere. While Spanish is the dominant language in Cadiz, there are enough tourists that you can get by with English. That said, a few Spanish phrases are always welcome by the locals. You can also find the perfect Cadiz hotels in the city with Venere. Filters and an interactive map help refine your search. Book your marvelous hotel deal for your Cadiz vacation with Venere today and feel safe that you've made the right choice.