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How to Find the Best Ourense Hotels with Venere

Ourense is located in the South Western province of the Spanish Galician district. The region is known for being one of the more untouched destinations in Spain. Travelers can enjoy Ourense's beautiful old town, which is filled with beautiful buildings dating back to the Roman occupation close to 2000 years ago. A trip to Ourense is perfect for those who want to experience something more off the beaten path. At Venere we offer travelers the chance to find the best accommodation that fits their individual needs. From quaint boutique hotels, to more personal vacation rental, and rooms in luxury hotels, Venere has got it covered. We know that every traveler is different and offer support to ensure your trip to Ourense goes smoothly.

What's Ourense Like?

Ourense enjoys a mild climate, making outdoor activities possible throughout the year. A visit to the Galician thermal springs will offer a touch of affordable luxury to any vacation. The natural outdoor pools range from hot to cold, and are set amongst a backdrop of rolling hills. Architecture lovers are encouraged to pay a visit to the Ourense cathedral. Known by many to be a hidden gem in the town, this cathedral offers a calm and serene atmosphere for both tourists and locals. Many tourists make a point to visit the Ponte Vella, one of Europe's most famous bridges. It was built during the Roman occupation, and is now closed to vehicles, offering the perfect opportunity to catch some breathtaking views of the cityscape. Since the city is rather small, Ourense's "Old Town" and "Monumental District" are also easily accessible by foot. Visitors can soak up the culture at their own pace and never have to venture too far form home, as Venere offers top-quality accommodation in all of Ourense's most desirable districts.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Ourense

A good way to get in touch with the people of Ourense is to soak up the vibrant cafe and bar culture.The general atmosphere of the town is laid back, so take a tip from the locals and take some time to get to know the beautiful town of Ourense. As experts in accommodation, Venere offers a diverse selection of Ourense hotels that are close to the main attractions. We also offer tips suggestions to help out customers find the best fit for their travel needs. Whether it's a quick weekend away to enjoy the Roman baths, or a cultural excursion, travel experts Venere has something for everyone.