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A view of Benidorm

Fondly known, as ‘Beni’ to the locals from time immemorial and widely recognized for its incredible skyscrapers, this spectacular coastal town is located within the beautiful Costa Blanca region on the western Mediterranean in Spain. Benidorm belongs to the province of Alicante and is quite a sought-after hideout for travelers from around the world. The history of the town dates back to the year of 3,000 B.C. and you’ll still see ruminants of some of the history today. However, it’s better known for its thriving nightlife and great beaches, which you will definitely need to check out durng your stay. It’s also quite a musical city; great musicians from all nationalities flock to Benidorm each year to attend the official Benidorm International Song Festival. Even though it’s at its splendor during tourist season, with venere, you won’t have trouble finding cheap hotels in Benidorm all year round.

How to stay on a budget when traveling to Benidorm

Benidorm is actually not that expensive at all, despite how it has flourished as a resort capital and cruise port. And fortunately, visiting on a budget is no problem when you’re armed with a few handy tips beforehand. The best way to save a penny is by seeing as much as you can on foot or by public transportation, or bike, for that matter. Put on your walking shoes and head out on foot to see the ancient city center which you can easily get around without paying a penny charge. A walk to the many flea markets on Sunday is a great way to enjoy your day, too! If you bargain politely, you’re most certainly sure to get better deals on textiles and leather goods, which can be yours for a pittance. Many of the markets are near cheap hotels in Benidorm, so you can be sure to ask your concierge for directions We could go on forever, but why not visit the ‘Dubai’ of the Mediterranean? After all, you’re in for a treat in this picturesque destination.