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How to Find the Best Arona Hotels with Venere

Planning for an Arona vacation can be quite the adventure itself. While the images of Lake Garibaldi never fail to excite potential travelers, the reality of planning can be daunting. That's why we at Venere have narrowed the field down to the top Arona hotels, offering our customers only the best in accommodation and ease. On our site, travelers can access guest reviews and ratings, locations throughout town, maps, and more. Once the basics are taken care of, Arona offers visitors a compelling blend of historic architecture, beautiful artistic achievements, churches, and pristine natural areas. During the summer months, sunlight glitters on the lake, while winter blankets the countryside in snow. Many people come to this peaceful town to get away from the hustle and bustle of cities like Milan and the industrial sectors of France and Germany, so you're sure to meet interesting people from around the world during your visit.

What's Arona Like?

Arona simmers on the shores of Lake Garibaldi, a picturesque expanse of clear water. People have settled here for thousands of years, and significant archeological findings dot the countryside. Much of the current town comes with its own sense of time, and some buildings date back nearly 1000 years. Many of the most attractive sites in town can be accessed by foot from Arona hotels. Some of the most popular sites include the Sancarlone, a giant statue of Saint Charles Borromeo that towers at over 110 feet, once the largest bronze standing statue in the world. Another favorite spot is La Rocca, a castle and free public park with many animals. For a romantic evening, head to the Lungolago, the lakeside, with sweeping views of the countryside. The church of the Collegiata della Nativita di Maria Vergine is known for its beautiful paintings. Arona is also close enough to Milan to warrant a day trip to the great city.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Arona

While many European nations speak languages that are popular far beyond their own boundaries, this is not the case with Italy. As a result, locals will be extremely appreciative if you greet them in their own tongue. Make a real effort to pick up some basic Italian, and you will be rewarded. In addition, it's important to respect local customs. Here at Venere, we've learned that it's best to greet people by their last name until specifically invited otherwise. Keep a pleasant demeanor at all times, and you'll be able to communicate much, even without a solid grasp of the language. The front desk of your Arona hotel is a great place to practice.