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Hotels near Brussels Bruxelles-Midi Station in Brussels , Belgium

If you are exploring Brussels by train, a hotel near Brussels Bruxelles-Midi Station is the perfect solution for you. Hotels near train stations are among the most popular for the sheer convenience of their location and Brussels is no exception! It's no surprise that we have 20 hotels near Brussels Bruxelles-Midi Station - an important transport connection for Brussels so your hotel booking should be a breeze! Venere is the perfect guide to finding the right hotel for you, with great options for all the main train stations in Belgium. Not only do we have over 20 hotels next to, and within walking distance of Brussels Bruxelles-Midi Station, but we also have detailed interactive Brussels maps where you can pinpoint each hotel's location with ease. Once you have decided on your base for exploring Brussels is Brussels Bruxelles-Midi Station, all you need to do is choose one of the fantastic 20 hotels nearby and make the most of the ideal position of your hotel! Visiting Brussels, you will notice that many transport connections have stops close to Brussels Bruxelles-Midi Station so that as soon as you are off the train you can check in and unpack your things in no time and start exploring. Your hotel near Brussels Bruxelles-Midi Station puts you close to the Brussels tourist information center so you can easily buy tickets for many of the local attractions. Although hotels near train stations sometimes get a bad rap, there are actually many advantages of booking one. Apart from the excellent location close to the station, these hotels offer a range of handy services such as free breakfast and Wi-Fi, tour/ticket assistance, early and late check-in and check-out, and luggage storage facilities. You will be amazed at the great quality of the Brussels hotels near Brussels Bruxelles-Midi Station on We have a wide range of options for you to choose from including hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns, lodges, apartments and more, ranging from luxury 5 star hotels to more value-for-money options so you will find something to suit your budget. is full of very helpful information, most important for you in your search of the best place to stay are our detailed hotel pages will give you all the info you need on location, amenities and services, as well as guest reviews and Tripadvisor comments so you can see what others have to say. When finding a hotel near Brussels Bruxelles-Midi Station in Brussels there's no better place than!