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Hotel Deals near Ciampino Airport (CIA), Italy

How to Find the Best Rome Ciampino Hotels with Venere

Nestled in the province of Rome, Italy is Ciampino, a sleepy town filled with beautiful architecture, luxury accommodations, and fine dining restaurants. A hub of activity because of its airport, people from all over the world plan vacations there using Venere's easy travel planning services. Locating Rome Ciampino airport hotels to stay in while takes a matter of minutes. Exploring what the city has to offer in the way of lodging requires two pieces of information, the date accommodations are required, and the number of guests staying in a room or apartment. Venere saves travelers time and money by showing pricing information along with descriptions of rooms, amenities, and nearby attractions. Guests of Rome Ciampino airport hotels walk or take public transportation to the Colosseo, the Spanish steps, and other tourist hotspots. A short ride to neighboring villages of Frascati and Castel Gandolfo on Albano Lake provide photo opportunities galore. Travelers from all walks of life enjoy the peace and quiet of Rome Ciampino.

What's Rome Ciampino Like?

Rome Ciampino is rich with history. In addition to its ornate structures and popular landmarks, the city offers an experience like no other. The Roman Forum is 15.3 km from the Rome Ciampino airport. Photographers want to have their cameras ready to photograph the superb structure. Originally constructed as a shopping and business center for the administration of local justice, the Roman Forum is impressive in size and detail. Other noted sights in the area include the Fontana di Trevi, a gorgeous fountain with motion picture fame, the Pantheon, burial site of Renaissance painter Raphael as well as King Vittorio Emanuele I, the Basilica di San Pietro, one of the most beautiful and important churches in Rome as well as the Ostia Antica, a once busy port filled with a theater and ornate homes. Anyone with a love for history or architecture will find Rome Ciampino and surrounds astounding.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Rome Ciampino

Meeting and mingling with locals is easy in Rome Ciampino. Conversations in Italian are welcome in restaurants, on tours, and definitely when sightseeing. Greeting people with the phrase "Ciao," breaks the ice and invites conversation. The people of Rome Ciampino are sources of fascinating stories. Knowing the Italian language and culture is a tip worth remembering for travelers of all ages. Don't expect to speak to an elder the way you would someone young. Use the formal address 'Lei' until you're invited to use 'tu' or their Christian name. Finding the right Rome Ciampino airport hotels is easy with Venere. Determining how close of you want to be to famous attractions helps travelers narrow their choices. Detailed information including price, location, and offerings makes Venere's website listings a perfect resource for planning a trip to Rome Ciampino.