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5 Reasons to Go to the Munich Oktoberfest at Least Once in a Lifetime

Visiting Oktoberfest in Munich is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Why visit Munich during the annual festival? Here are five reasons for visiting the city during the excitement of Oktoberfest. First, there's the unbeatable German food. From brezen, the German pretzel, to bratwurst, Oktoberfest won't let visitors go hungry. We think travelers will love the Ochsenbraterei, which features whole oxen roasted for visitors. Second, the costumes are terrific. Don the finest German apparel for Munich's Oktoberfest. Men will be in lederhosen, and women will be in dirndl, a traditional German dress. Third, enjoy the parade because it's not all drinking in tents at Oktoberfest. Frequent parades showcase floral floats decorated by German brewers and horses adorned in their finest gear. Reason number four is that the festival boasts fairground rides suitable for all ages and Bavarian brass bands providing the soundtrack. Finally, we don't want to forget the staple of Oktoberfest: beer! Almost 7 million liters of the stuff is consumed annually at this German event.

Munich and the Munich Oktoberfest – Not-to-be-Missed Highlights

Don't miss the start of Oktoberfest where the Mayor of Munich taps the very first keg from within the Schottenhamel tent. For those who want a side of history with their liter of ale, the Augustiner tent belongs to the oldest brewery in the city of Munich. Head to the Hippodrom tent to be served champagne or white wine in addition to the plentiful beer on tap, and then swing by the Hofbräu tent for rowdy cheers, traditional German drinking songs and crowds standing on the benches and tables. To buy a last-minute outfit suitable for Oktoberfest in Munich, check out the Lederhosen Wagner shop to scoop up an appropriate costume or souvenir. Weekends are rowdy at Oktoberfest in Munich, and weekdays are significantly quieter, but there is always something to do while in the Bavarian capital. From many of the hotels near Oktoberfest, visitors can walk to attractions like the Deutches Museum or the Paulskirche, a church that can be climbed and offers spectacular views of the city and even the Alps.

How to Arrive and Where to Stay for the Munich Oktoberfest

Accommodation for the beer festival is readily available throughout Munich, but staying close to the action means booking as far in advance as possible. Anyone looking for Oktoberfest hotels might want to start looking in the Isarvorstadt neighborhood in the center of the city. Staying at one of the hotels during Oktoberfest outside of central Munich means traveling to the Hauptbahnhof, the main train station, via public transport. Thankfully, most hotels for Oktoberfest are close to S-Bahn routes, the suburban above-ground train, or the U-Bah subway. It is also possible to snag hotels for Oktoberfest right along the tram line, which has multiple stops just steps from the excitement of Theresienwiese. Those traveling to Oktoberfest from outside of Bavaria may want to arrive by plane, landing at the Munich International Airport. Once visitors are settled at their beer festival accommodation in the Bavarian capital, it's easy to ride the S-Bahn to Hackerbrücke Station, the U-Bahn to Theresienwiese Station or the tram to Holzapfelstrasse.