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Toronto is a clean, modern, and safe city with a youthful energy that's reflected in its thriving night life, culture, and entertainment scenes. The capital of the province of Ontario, it is the financial, entertainment, and media center of Canada. Toronto is a diverse and multi-cultural city, from Greektown and Little India in the east end to Little Italy in the west end - a city that celebrates its diversity in a host of festivals and events that occur year-round. Nestled along the northern shore of Lake Ontario, the city flows downhill with a sky line of shining skyscrapers that is dominated by the iconic and needle-like CN Tower, the tallest freestanding structure in the world when it opened as a communications and observation tower in 1976. With so much to experience, the easiest part of planning your trip will be finding the right hotel with Venere. We've partnered with the best Toronto hotels to offer great selection and each choice has been rated by real customers.

What is Toronto like?

Toronto is a city of neighborhoods begging to be explored. Bay Street contains the heart of the nation's finances and is also home to the high-end bars and lounges frequented by the country's movers and shakers. Yorkville is full of international designer boutiques and upscale dining and night life options; it often plays second home to out-of-town celebrities staying in one of its many luxurious Toronto hotels. King Street West is the place to find the hottest night clubs and lounges, while Queen Street West is a district of funky art galleries and beautifully renovated restaurants, lounges and condos. The Distillery District, just east of downtown, is a revamped 19th century industrial complex that has often been used for movie sets. It is now home to art galleries, artisan boutiques, restaurants, and lounges. There are notable museums, including the Royal Ontario Museum, with exhibits of civilizations from all over the world, and the unique Bata Shoe Museum. With thousands of dining establishments, restaurant options represent a cornucopia of cuisines from all over the globe, including a thriving Canadian cuisine scene that emphasizes local, regional ingredients and blends diverse influences. Toronto is also a hotspot for Asian fusion and South Asian cuisines.

How to Get Along with Locals in Toronto

Toronto is not a flashy city, full of loud, obvious architecture or attractions - it's a place to explore and to find hidden treasures. Like the city, its people are often seen as universally friendly, if somewhat reticent. Visitors will find, however, that connecting is as easy as starting a conversation and that local people are very proud of their city and eager to show it to newcomers. This city loves its coffee and it's not uncommon to find a café at each of the four corners of a downtown intersection; lingering in a café or a donut and coffee shop is certain to bring travelers and locals together. The Toronto International Film Festival is a yearly extravaganza of film, movie stars, and celebrity that ushers in the fall - and hordes of international press - every September and the city is often used for film and television shoots. The laid back locals take all of it in stride. Like most Canadians, Torontonians are famously polite and appreciate visitors who are too. Venere offers a wide selection of Toronto hotels, with an easy online booking system and reliable customer reviews.