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Plan your next business trip to Verona, Italy with Venere today. We have more than 112 for you to choose from, many with professional conference and meeting facilities. Venere has many fantastic business hotels - ranging from 3- to 5-star luxury - with extensive meeting and conference facilities. Find and book a hotel with meetings facilities in Verona, Italy by utilizing our easy-to-use online booking system. We provide detailed descriptions of each of the 112 hotels and even post actual hotel guest reviews. Venere also offers a many special deals for our corporate travelers. Many of the available Verona hotels offer a range of business facilities. Search for hotels that offer meeting and conference rooms, 24-hour business centres, secretarial and interpreter services, event planners, banquet rooms and much more. Choose a hotel with everything you need to make your business event in Verona,Italy a success. Venere offers hotels are centrally located, either in the centre of Verona or near the area's many major corporations. Or choose a larger business hotel with a congress centre located outside this Italy city. Choose one of these hotels to hold conferences, offsite events and training courses in a beautiful setting. Find great deals a hotel room for your next business trip in Verona. Venere offers business travelers weekly deals, as well as one-time special offers. has 112 Verona hotels for you to choose from, each providing a different type of setting and facilities for your business trip in Italy. Take advantage of our interactive maps and easy-to-use booking process to find the perfect accommodations for your trip. Browse and compare hotels at your own pace. Once you find a Verona business hotel that interests you, simply enter your travel dates and the number of rooms you require to start checking availability. also posts actual customer reviews to give you an even better idea of how the hotel's business facilities rate with other corporate guests. See what each of the 112 Verona business hotels has to offer by reading Venere's specific hotel description. Each room has an individual description and photos so you can see exactly what you're getting before you book. Get all of the details, including location, amenities, transportation options and hotel policies. See which hotels offer free Wi-Fi, breakfast and parking. Make the most of Venere's easy-to-use booking process to plan your professional business trip in Verona, Italy today!