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Sitting on both sides of the Puente Nuevo, which spans the El Tajo gorge. Ronda has a colorful and romantic past. Its remote mountain location made it attractive to bandits, leading to a wealth of Spanish folklore based on the town. It was a favorite destination for artists and writers of the 19th and 20th centuries. Dumas, Hemingway, Joyce and Welles all spent time here. Our advanced filters at Venere help you search and select from Ronda hotels. Venere is a trusted site that has partnerships with many hotels in Ronda. We give you multiple photos of hotels and sample rooms, along with rated reviews written by previous guests. Choosing your hotel in Ronda first makes it easy to plan the rest of your trip.

What's Ronda Like?

Ronda is a charming place of narrow cobbled streets, winding stairways and elegant squares. Head from your Ronda hotels to the Puente Nuevo, it should be your first stop. From its top you look down onto a 100 m chasm gouged by the River Guadalevin. Next to the bridge is the Art Museum, housed in a cloistered 16th century convent. Many of Spain's aristocratic families still live in the town's surviving grand mansions. The Palacio Mondragon is well worth visiting, as are its exquisite miniature water gardens. These survive from the town's brief period as an Arabic Caliphate in the 12th century. Stop for a coffee or lunch in the tree lined Plaza Duquesa de Parcent, surrounded by the Santa Maria de Mayor Church and the imposing Town Hall building. A must see attraction for visitors is the Arab Baths, reputed to be the best surviving example in Spain. Particularly notable are the star-shaped light and air vents in its domed ceilings.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Ronda

The town's main street is the pedestrianized Calle Espinel. Nicknamed 'La Bola', this is where the local Rondeños go to shop, eat and play. To blend in with them, try restaurants here or shop for delicious local food to make your own picnics. If you try and practice a few phrases of Spanish, you will be warmly welcomed. To get a real taste of the colorful local life try and visit during the Romeria pilgrimage held in June. Full of lively processions and activities, this festival is held in honor of the Virgen de la Cabeza. Detailed maps at Venere pinpoint exactly where Ronda hotels are located. Choose whether you want accommodation in Ronda within sight of the Puente Nuevo or near the bullring, then find exactly the hotel you are looking for. Our travel guides at Venere will help you get the most out of your visit to Ronda.