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Leon is a city in the northwestern part of Spain that serves as a main stop along the famed Camino de Santiago. In Leon, pilgrims, tourists and university students gather to eat, drink and relax along the back streets and plazas. This gives the popular city an eclectic, lively atmosphere. Leon hotels cater to this diverse crowd, making it an ideal place for a quick stopover as well as a longer relaxed stay. And visitors will enjoy using Venere to get them there. Venere offers a variety of savings from our hotel partners as well as the most up-to-date reviews from real guests. This allows visitors a chance to find the best deals and discover the heart and soul of Leon. It is a city rich in traditions and is best explored through the architecture, festivals and, of course, the local cuisine.

What's Leon Like?

Leon's historic quarter, Barrio Húmedo, draws in the most crowds. The ancient side streets are perfect for strolling while the large plazas are full of places to eat and drink. The city also has an active student nightlife due to the local university. It's hard to overlook Leon's prime attraction, the cathedral, a Rayonnant Gothic masterpiece. Other examples of the city's splendid architecture are the Basilica of San Isidoro and the Monastery of San Marcos as well as Antoni Gaudí's modernist design, Casa de Botines. Leon also has a good selection of museums, including the colorfully modern Museum of Contemporary Art. Religion also plays a big role in Leon. In addition to the processions during Holy Week, two festivals kick off the summer with eating, drinking and fireworks. Leon hotels cater to visitors' seasonal tastes, letting them find the best place to enjoy a mix of picturesque countryside and vibrant city life.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Leon

Leon is a city with enough to do without being overwhelming. It's easy enough to get around on foot and take in all the local attractions. Due to its international reputation, English is widely accepted though some Spanish is always useful. Food plays an important role in the Leonese culture and meat lovers will especially enjoy the local cuisine. In particular, cured smoked beef (cecina), pig's blood strew (morcilla), cured tongue (lengua curada), and a dish of meat, vegetables and chickpeas (el cocido leonés). Here, tapas often accompany drinks for free and are heartily enjoyed around lunchtime or as an alternative to dinner. At Leon hotels, guests can take in all the local traditions, wealth of food, and the surrounding scenic landscape. Explore Venere for a closer look at Leon and discover expert real-guest recommendations, detailed searches and exclusive specials.