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An often overlooked cultural hub, Roquetas de Mar is among Spain's most entertaining cities. Located in the heart of the autonomous community of Andalucia, the town is known for its laid-back spirit and ease of enjoyment, thanks to a slow flux of tourists. Venere's travel guide to Roquetas de Mar includes services to enhance the traveler's experience before arriving at their destination, such as a star rating system and reviews from previous guests, budget calculators and city maps. Our unique portal is designed to transform an otherwise unknown venture into a clear undertaking for any type of traveler. It is the easiest place to start your hunt for the best accommodation for your vacation or business trip, done from the comfort of your own home.

What's Roquetas de Mar Like?

Roquetas de Mar excels in making a seafood-oriented cuisine and a rich calendar of annual festivals, which includes the Virgen del Carmen and The Night of San Juan. These fiestas celebrate the craft and history of fishermen with dances and bonfires, drinking and laughter. Roquetas possesses luxurious hotels and beaches, among which are the Playa de Aguadulce and the Serena Beach. Other outdoor activities in the area include the Club De Golf Playa Serena, the dive center Aquatours Almeria, the aquatic Mario Park, and the Parque Natural Punta Entinas. The history-loving traveler will find great interest in the Plaza De Toros, a traditional bullring, and the fortification of the Castillo de Santa Ana.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Roquetas de Mar

Located in the heart of a subtropical weather zone, Roquetas de Mar will likely be experiencing warm weather when you visit. No more than a one-layer outfit is needed for the better part of the year, except in the very short cooler seasons when a light jacket and pair of jeans may be required. Avoid wearing beach wear garments around town as locals prefer to wear resortwear when in town. Nevertheless, they are known for dressing to the nines when going about nighttime parties and dinners. It is therefore advised not to wander outside of the appropriate areas wearing just bathing shorts or bikinis. But while the dressing habits can be a little rigid, the local's overall mindset tends to be welcoming and easygoing. Also if you get to know some of them, remember they often embrace a friend with a kiss on both cheeks. Use Venere's reviews to find out more tips for staying in Roquetas and view pictures of available accommodation.