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From the very moment you arrive in Florence, you’ll notice an air of poetry and romance! When you book with Venere, our rates just happen to sound like the sweetest poem! Plan in advance and we’ll surely make your dreams come true with our wide selection of lodging on offer. Everyone is welcome to contact us, including budget travelers, and we will make sure you find the hotel of your dreams. Feel free to book easily online, or, for more personalized help, give us a call and speak to our travel experts. They will find something that is certain to suit your needs. If what you want is a cheap hotel in Florence, then you’re in for a treat! Venere is the best place to book when looking for the ultimate package of low rates, deals, offers and affordable lodging in the city of Lilies. It’s easy!

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The crown jewel of the Renaissance period in Italy, and the most crowded as well, Florence is the place to visit! If what you’re seeking is sightseeing in the artistic magnificence, which distinguishes ‘La Italia’ from every other nation in the world, then this is the place to be. As a matter of fact, Florence is so popular that it receives more than 1 million visitors in a year. A carnival of arts, Roman architecture and fashion, Florence truly has it all, and can be an inexpensive city when visited the right way. Even though there is glamour and exquisite art all around, which gives the city a luxury feel, there are many cheap hotels in Florence close to the main attractions, such as the Uffizi museum and Piazzale Michaelangelo. Book today and catch the best deals for cheap accommodation in Florence. You won’t regret it!

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When it comes to exploring Florence on a budget, the options are endless. If you’re visiting Florence and planning to stay for a considerable amount of time, then make sure to keep an eye out for the free open arts events on offer. Take advantage of the great selection of authentic Italian pizza, wonderful parks and outdoor activities that can be enjoyed without breaking the bank. There are so many cheap hotels in Florence that you’ll have a hard time making your choice. Florence is one of those cities that simply brings you back to the Italy of olden times, and as such you can enjoy plenty of public art from all eras by spending time in some of the main piazzas and gazing at the many statues. Much of the old town of Florence can be visited by foot, so get out and get walking! Get ready for a vacation made in heaven and make a reservation with us—we have that cheap place to stay in Firenze that you’re waiting for.