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The city of Lleida is located in the mountainous province of Catalonia. Tourists flock to the region for the highest ski resort in the Pyrenees and various other adventure sports throughout the seasons. With boating and rafting, rock climbing, hiking, and fishing, the area is truly the ultimate outdoorsman's playground. Well preserved fortresses dating back to the middle ages are also nearby for those that would prefer a more leisurely tour. However you spend your time in the area, the agents of Venere will help you find the proper Lleida hotels. Through Venere, you can find hotels from one to five stars so you can find the best accommodations regardless of your budget. So whether you come for the skiing, the fishing, or the ancient fortresses, book with Venere and enjoy a memorable and unforgettable time in Lledia.

What's Lleida Like?

In the nearby Boi Valley you can find the highest ski resort in the area. The valley is in a sparsely populated area, so the slopes are generally quiet, making it an ideal change from other more popular regions. Sailing and rafting is available on the river Segre by both boat and raft. Near the river are steep rock walls for passionate climbers. For those looking to try rock climbing for the first time there are several adventure companies for hire. The Rialb River is a fantastic location for trout fishing, though the stock is carefully controlled and fishing is exclusively catch and release. For those looking for an alternative to adventure sports and fishing, several old fortresses are in the area in good condition. Specific routes will ensure you see all of the historical sights and experience all the building ranging throughout the middle ages.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Lleida

Culinary specialties of the region include snails, meat stews, and rabbit. The area also has a good reputation for its wine. Locals always appreciate it when visitors learn at least a few basic phrases of Spanish and are sure to help you receive a more positive response to your questions. For as long as you enjoy the mountainous terrain, relax and rest easy in a Venere hotel. Venere's website offers a couple additional features to help you chose the best hotel for you. You can view high resolution photos of every offered accommodation so you know exactly what you're purchasing. You can also utilize their pinpoint maps that highlight both the Lleida hotels and popular sites so you can chose the hotel closest to what you want to see most. Booking is also possible with Venere's free smartphone app.