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Huelva is a charming coastal town in Andalusia, Spain. Due to its low number of tourists, it still has the traditional Spanish atmosphere preserved. Located in the south-west of Andalusia at the Costa della luz, it is famous for its fishing industry and beautiful architecture.Huelva is the perfect travel destination for families and everyone who just wants to relax, get away from the everyday stress of work and responsibilities, and live the exciting Andalusian life instead. Finding a place to stay can be challenging, so the easiest way is to book your hotel on, where you'll find a great variety of Huelva Hotels, which have all been rated by previous guests. By using Venere to plan your holiday you can be sure that you'll find a hotel which best meets your needs.

What's Huelva Like?

Huelva has a variety of intriguing monuments and places to visit, such as the many beautiful plazas surrounded by small, cozy cafés. Since the city is located at the sea, its numerous seafood bars and restaurants make up a big part of the local traditions. Some of the most architecturally important buildings include the Casa Colón, nowadays used as a congress - and exhibition hall, the Gran Teatro, a magnificent theatre, and the Clínica Sanz de Frutos, which is now used as a conservatoire. Huelva has played an important role in history, when Christopher Columbus prayed to the city's patron saint at the local church Sanctuario de Nuestra Señora la Virgen de la Cinta before starting his first voyage to America. The church can still be visited today, as well as the Monumento a Colón, a monument to commemorate Columbus.With the exception of the Sanctuario de la Cinta, all of the important monuments are within walk distance of the city centre.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Huelva

To experience the life in Huelva as best as possible, you should try out the local bars and restaurants, especially the seafood, since it is one of Huelva's many traditions. Try to talk with the locals in as much Spanish as you can, even if you don't know more than a couple of words, it will help you get along with the people of Huelva. Even though the beach is very tempting, you could spend some time at the Plaza de las Monjas, a palm-lined square in the city centre, where the locals usually spend their free time together, especially during the late evening, since in the south it is normal to stay up late due to the Siesta. So no matter what it is you want to do in Huelva, Venere will help you find the perfect hotel for your personal needs and make your holiday unforgettable.