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How to Find the Best Napa hotels with Venere

No matter how you like to get away and unwind, we at Venere have the perfect trip in-store for you: Napa Valley! There are countless reasons why Napa should be high on your travel list, and we're ready to make it a reality with our hassle-free, helpful, and industry-leading services. When you book with Venere, you'll be able to browse through over 175 amazing Napa hotels online at your leisure, or you can call us to speak to an expert travel assistant to help you zero in on "the one." We take out any of the guesswork, and you'll embark with confidence and peace of mind with extra local and regional knowledge, as well as info about your hotel before you arrive. Read through thousands of online hotel reviews from real Venere users so you can be sure of what to expect long before check-in. So what are you waiting for? Hop online or give us a call today to start planning your unforgettable trip to "Wine Country!"

What's Napa like?

Napa Valley is an unforgettable and unique place, with its stunning landscape, exciting and romantic adventures and activities, and thrills for all ages. One of the epicenters of California's "Wine Country," you'll find countless vineyard tours, wine tastings, and more just around the corner from almost all Napa hotels. But if you think Napa is exclusively for wine drinkers, think again! Arts and culture-lovers should explore hotels by the Napa Valley Symphony or the Napa Valley Opera House for some exquisite and world-class performances. Looking for outdoor adventure? You'll find bike tours, hot air balloon rides, horseback riding, hiking and more to please those visitors looking to escape into the great outdoors. Want a little historical flare to your trip? Check out the Seguin Moreau Napa Cooperage or the Napa Firefighters Museum for starters. Explore hotels by Quent Cordair Fine Art for hours of strolling through world-class art galleries. There's something for every trip, whether you're on a romantic couple's retreat, or traveling with the kids!

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Napa

When visiting Napa, it's a really good idea to embark with some handy travel tips like those from our regional experts at Venere to help you get along with and blend in with the locals, as well as get the most out of your trip. First, when renting a car, you're going to want to be extremely cautious driving. There are many winding roads, and many wine tastings in the area, so it's very possible that other drivers are not as attentive as they should be. Locals will stress caution especially on roads like the Silverado Trail. It's not impossible to avoid driving on many wine-tasting tours though, and local info on these bus or train tours is often available at many Napa hotels. And if you want to check out a local treasure (and one not known by many tourists) you may want to try to find accommodations near Bouchon Bakery to get the early-morning bakery fix coveted by locals. Finally, California residents are always on the alert for forest and brush fires because of the dry climate. Do you part and use extreme care if any of your activities involve burning, including barbecuing, camping, or even a cigarette. Use extra caution and never litter.