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How to Find the Best Jacksonville hotels with Venere

Prepare to be surprised by the eclectic, sunny, upbeat, and urban seaside travel destination that is Jacksonville, Florida! There's something for just about any traveler waiting in Jacksonville, and Venere has the hotel to top it all off. When you book with Venere, you'll have the ability to search through over 150 amazing Jacksonville hotels, filtering by price, location, amenities, and more. Booking online is fast and secure. Prefer to book over the phone? No problem! Give us a call today to book by phone hassle-free, and you can even chat with one of our travel experts to make sure you're getting the very best hotel to suit your every travel need. And thanks to thousands of online reviews of our hotels from real Venere users, you'll travel in confidence, knowing exactly what to expect from you accommodations long before check-in. So hop online or give us a call today to start planning your trip to "The River City!"

What's Jacksonville like?

Jacksonville is a thrilling journey for just about any traveler, no matter how you like to get away. You'll find adventures just around the corner from just about any Jacksonville hotels, and you're be sure to find something for everyone. For museum-hunters, Jacksonville is a real treat, from the Museum of Science & History, to the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens, to the Museum of Contemporary art and many more. Shoppers will rejoice to find lots of accommodations near St. John's Town Center, featuring myriad retailers in an outdoor mega shopping experience. Sports fans may be able to catch a Jacksonville Suns or Jaguar's game in between fishing trips. Check out hotels by Fernandina Beach for a step back into history. And who could forget the amazing sandy beaches! Stretch out in style on the pristine wonderful sand and soak up some rays, or catch a ride on a sailboat of cruise ship for more adventures on the water. With culture, cuisine, and escapades galore, you'll be talking about your Jacksonville trip for years to come.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Jacksonville

Jacksonville can be a very inviting city, but it never hurts to embark with some handy travel tips! Like in any city, locals will warn you to be aware of your surroundings and go with your gut to preserve your personal safety, especially at night. Look to the locals for areas to avoid once the sun sets. In the busy populated regions where you'll find most Jacksonville hotels, you should be perfectly safe, as the streets are well-patrolled and bustling even into the evening. Additionally, if you choose to rent a car during your stay, locals will advise to know your route well ahead of time because of the signage in the city that is sometimes confusing, and, of course, as a courtesy to local drivers, particularly during busy hours. And if you decide to spend some time at the beach, always educate yourself and be aware of any advisories for riptides, jellyfish, and more. But most of all, stay safe, and have fun!