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How to Find the Best Virginia Beach hotels with Venere

There are few things better than a day at the beach, especially when that beach holds a Guinness Book of World Records recognition for its vast get ready to head to Virginia Beach! With over 175 Virginia Beach hotels from which to choose, Venere makes it easy to discover the accommodation that's absolutely perfect for your unforgettable trip. When you use our free online service, you can filter hotels by price, location, amenities, and much more with just a few simple clicks. Want more personalized attention? No problem! Give us a call today and let one of our travel assistants help guide you to the perfect hotel in Virginia Beach. Booking with Venere is efficient and secure, and you can know exactly what to expect before you buy thanks to thousands of online reviews of hotels from real Venere users. Virginia Beach hotels in the "Neptune City" have never been easier to discover, so hop online or call us today, and get ready for your beachside luxury vacation!

What's Virginia Beach like?

Virginia Beach offers everything you would hope in a relaxing, luxury beach trip and more. With miles of sand and sunshine stretching along the sea, you'll be sure to leave with a healthy tan, relaxed attitude, and a smile on your face. Virginia Beach hotels are often located within walking distance to the beach, meaning you get to spend even more time soaking up the rays. Want to do a little exploring? Check out hotels near Cape Henry Lighthouse for an activity that's both adventurous and historical. Movie theaters, the famed Edgar Cayce Spa, and long boardwalk strolls await the traveler looking to wind down. For museumgoers, there are lots of hotels by The Old Coast Guard Station & Museum or the Virginia Marine Science Museum for starters! And if you're into sports or outdoors activities, you're in luck! Surfing, jet-skiing, sand soccer, and more await the energetic traveler looking for a fun challenge.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Virginia Beach

Like any resort city, it's always important to take a few minutes to learn some tips for getting along with the locals, who are often surrounded by tourists from all over. While many Virginia Beach hotels are close to the famed waterfronts for a very good reason, always remember to be respectful and share beach space with the locals who are also enjoying their fun in the sun. Use proper beach etiquette and clean up after yourself. Additionally, always respect swimming advisories for your safety and the safety of others. A few tips locals will tell you are to be care to use care when parking -- signage is strictly regulated, so make sure you read all signs before you park to be sure you won't get ticketed. Another insider's tip is to check out the city's souvenir shops before doing any beach-vendor shopping, as you might save a lot of money on the same items!