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How to Find the Best Las Vegas Hotels with Venere

Las Vegas is a city that everyone seems to understand the essence of, even if they've never set foot there. This desert oasis is famed for games of chance and a raucous, unique nightlife, and is a popular weekend getaway year-round. But while you might want to take a chance at the slots, don't gamble when it comes to finding places to stay in Sin City! Venere has partnered with a wide variety of Las Vegas hotels, and can help you make sure you get the most for your money when planning your trip. With our thorough hotel ratings system, compiled from reviews provided by previous visitors, you can be sure to get exactly what you need about each hotel. Venere also provides you with maps and photos of each location as well, so you can better plan your stay. With Venere, the odds are always in your favor when it comes to finding a great hotel in the gambling capital of the world!

What's Las Vegas Like?

Famously brightly lit and packed with eye-catching visuals, Las Vegas scarcely resembles the small desert stopover that it was even half a century ago. Many of the more popular sites and casinos are centered around Las Vegas Boulevard South, also known as the Strip. Be sure to see the unique classic car collection at the The Quad and the botanical gardens at the Bellagio, as well as the fountains out front. The Bellagio, in fact, is the center of much of what there is to see in terms of culture; the Gallery of Fine Art is also located there. Vegas is also famed for its history with the mob, and the The Mob Museum downtown takes you through the history of the city's now-successful struggle against organized crime. There's even a museum to commemorate Las Vegas' tradition of gaudy signage; the Neon Museum lets you track the development of Vegas from a speck in the desert to the Capital of Second Chances. There's no shortage of eye-catching sights in Las Vegas, and with Venere's selection of Las Vegas hotels, you'll be able to see it all and be sure you've chosen the perfect hotel for you.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is definitely a city divided between tourist-oriented sections and everything else, and much of the nightlife is centered around the tourist-oriented parts, which primarily includes the Strip. That being said, these areas are also where the high-profile venues are - comedians, musicians, exhibitions, restaurants of every variety, and everything else in between. The Strip gets very crowded, and as Las Vegas gets very warm most of the year, it's best to take appropriate precautions against the heat. While the biggest casinos are on the strip, most establishments in Las Vegas - even grocery stores and the airport - are likely to at least have some slot machines. If you're looking to do something that isn't just a tourist attraction, many Vegas residents are sports aficionados, and while there are no top league professional teams, the Las Vegas 51s for baseball, the Las Vegas Wranglers for hockey, and the UNLV Rebels for collegiate sports are all extremely popular. With all of this in mind, it's easy to enjoy what Las Vegas has to offer - and it's even easier if you've found a great deal on Las Vegas hotels thanks to Venere.