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How to Find the Best Louisville hotels with Venere

There are so many reasons to make Louisville your next travel destination, but there's no better way to book your stay than with Venere! Finding a hotel in "Derby City" is fast and secure with Venere, both online or over the phone. Using our smart search system, you can browse through over 100 amazing Louisville hotels by price, location, amenities, and more. Read through thousands of online reviews of hotels from real Venere users before you book for a boost of added confidence, so you'll know what to expect long before check-in. Still not sure what the best hotel is for your unique trip and travel style? No problem! Call us up and speak to one of our expert travel assistants who will help you find the very best hotel to suit all your travel needs. So hope online or give us a call today to start planning your trip to the "Gateway to the South!"

What's Louisville like?

A nationally recognized music scene, stellar arts and culture outlets, sports, urban exploration, and amazing eateries galore—there's something for everyone in the unforgettable city of Louisville. You’ll certainly never be able to escape Louisville’s amazing and gorgeous parks that pepper the landscape. Check out Shawnee Park, Cherokee Park, and Iroquois Park just for starters! Take a step back in time and discover hotels near Old Louisville, where you can wander through historic architecture and learn about the city's origins. For a visit to one of the city's most renowned attractions, explore accommodations near Churchill Downs, home to the Kentucky Derby, for a world-class glimpse at the "Sport of Kings" of horseracing. You'll find lots of Louisville hotels located conveniently within walking distance or within just steps of the bus (the TARC), so if you're an urban explorer, you may do well without needing to rent a vehicle during your stay.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Louisville

When you arrive in Louisville, you'll find the city to be very approachable and inviting, and the same goes with the locals. Even with the city's mixed regional population and attitudes, you'll still find many pockets of Southern hospitality just around the corner from many Louisville hotels, so you'll never be far from a hot meal, good conversation, and a warm smile. Keep on the good side of the locals, and don't pronounce the city's name "Lewis"-ville! And when you're exploring the many parks in the city, always be mindful to leave the area as pristine as you found it, as locals are committed to the urban beauty of their city and do not appreciate littering. More and more in recent years, Louisville has seen an exciting boom of independent and local businesses, from art galleries, to eateries, to music venues, and more. Locals will always appreciate business for "local" Louisville, so swap out your familiar dining and shopping experiences for alternatives that are all homegrown Louisville!