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How to Find the Best Austin hotels with Venere

Austin, Texas is a whole world unto itself, and definitely a destination to check off your travel list! No matter why you travel, you'll scratch the itch in Austin, where there is something for everyone, and a hotel to suit your every need. Booking through Venere is fast and hassle free, and you can quickly browse through hundreds of Austin hotels with just a few clicks. Sort through hotels by price, amenities, location, and more to find the lodging that's just right, or call and speak with one of our travel assistants who will help you find the perfect hotel for your unique trip. You can book either online or over the phone, and know exactly what you're getting ahead of time with thousands of reviews available from real Venere users. Finding your perfect Austin stay is easy with Venere, so hop online or give us a call today to make your Austin vacation a reality!

What's Austin like?

If you asked locals what Austin is like, many may very well respond, "Keep Austin Weird." The city lives enthusiastically up to its affectionate slogan, and you'll find amazing adventures waiting for you around every corner from most Austin hotels, whether you're a foodie, tech enthusiast, theater-goer, sports fan, or just about anyone else! It's simple to find lots of great hotels near the University of Texas for the progressive, exciting college-town feel, or if you're up for daytime urban adventure, you'll find plenty of lodging around the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. For music lovers, Austin has also been dubbed as the "live-music capitol of the world" because of its celebrated music scene. Getting around town is easy by the commuter rail and bus systems, and simply walking around town can be a treat as well (although look out for the hot summer months if you plan to do a lot of exploring on foot!).

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Austin

Culturally, Austin is an enthusiastic and very friendly place. Generally speaking, you won't have any trouble getting along with the locals. The city is known for its patience and laid-back attitude, so don't be concerned if you need to stop and ask for directions, or for a good restaurant suggestion! Food is itself a thriving, evolving culture in Austin, and to best get the local scoop, check out the best the city has to offer for all meals, especially breakfast and the many barbecue joints. Locals will also suggest if you're renting a car to know your route ahead of time and pay close attention, as there are many one-way streets within the downtown area, and lots of pedestrians, along with sometimes complicated parking signage. But unless you're travelling to the outskirts, you should have no problem finding lots of great Austin hotels nearby to the city's public transit options, which are plentiful and timely.