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Whether you're looking for a 5-star ocean resort getaway, a thrilling urban adventure, or anything in-between, we've got you covered in the highly sought-out travel destination of Long Beach, California! When you book with us at Venere, you'll be able to browse through over 800 amazing Long Beach hotels, so you're sure to find the perfect hotel to suit all your unique travel needs. Filter by price, location, amenities, and more with just a few clicks to search through hundreds of rooms at a time. Still need a little extra help making sure you've found "the one?" No problem! Give us a call today and speak with one of our expert travel assistants who will help you sift through the hundreds of available hotels to guide you to the perfect fit for your special trip. Booking with Venere is fast, secure, and hassle-free, both online and over the phone. So give us a call or hop online today to start planning your trip to the "Aquatic Capital of America!"

What's Long Beach like?

Stretch out on a sunny beach, take a step back into time, and dive into more cultural diversity than you ever imagined possible on one trip to Long Beach! There's something for everyone in this vast and thrilling city, no matter how you like to travel. An international hub as well as an epicenter for music, culture, and history, you're sure to find countless adventures waiting for you just steps from any of the fabulous Long Beach hotels. Soak up some of the city's many cultures at the Museum of Latin American Art, The Pacific Island Ethnic Art Museum, and many more! Visit the historic RMS Queen Mary, sure to please any history buff in your group, or check out hotels by the centuries-old Rancho Los Alamitos. Traveling with kids in tow? Look no further than accommodations near the Aquarium of the Pacific, which has drawn international renown. Of course, there's also plenty to do in the great outdoors, too! Long Beach is a very outdoorsy city for all the obvious reasons. For fishers, look into accommodations near The Municipal Fly Casting Pool located at Recreation Park for days of pure relaxing fishing bliss. Top it off with some of the amazing cuisine from all over the world, and you're set for an unforgettable trip.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Long Beach

Long Beach prides itself on being one of the most diverse cities in the United States. You'll find an alluring mixture of traditions, cuisine, languages, ethnicities, and more just around the corner from almost any Long Beach hotels. So make sure to embark with an open mind; locals will always appreciate the traveler who is open to expanding their horizons in such a culturally-rich atmosphere. Generally speaking, Long Beach locals are laid back and friendly as in many seaside cities. But always remember to still be on your best manners—especially at the beach! Take up only the space you need and clean up after yourself as a gesture to the locals who are also trying to enjoy their beautiful landscape. And remember that although Long Beach can have a very charming small-resort town feel, it's quite a large city despite the vibe. Remember to exercise normal city caution when you're traveling in an unfamiliar city, especially at night. So use common sense, go with your gut, but most of all, have fun!