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How to Find the Best Hotels in Kona with Venere

If there was any part of Hawaii that embodied the natural make-up of the land more, our experts at Venere would want to hear about it. Our trusted travel-pros have carefully selected a diverse selection of Kona hotels that will ensure every weary traveler will find a suitable bed to curl up in for the night. With a wealth of experience in every Venere team member, that wisdom is passed on to you, so you can just relax. Just click on what you like in our online search, and we ensure the rest is yours to enjoy. Stay close to Mauna Kea Summit for a breathtaking experience above the clouds, while looking down over Kona from one of the most unique vantage points the island has to offer. If mountainous trekking is not your cup of tea, then perhaps accommodation near Manini’owali Beach would be more suitable, with its crystal clear waters and paradisiacal settings. Whatever your choice, Venere has you covered. A call to our team will ensure that you find exactly what you’re looking for.

What’s Kona Like?

Kona is not just a beach-lovers paradise, filled with golden sands, pristine waters and soaring mountains, it is also an island of significant historic background, with the Kona Coffee Belt an indigenous practice that consists of 22 miles and 600 small coffee farms. The labor that helped cultivate and handpick the coffee beans, also influenced Kona’s cuisine, with Portuguese, Filipino, Japanese and Chinese workers expanding the island’s menu over time. One of the most renowned coffee plantations on the island is the Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation on Hao Street. Learn how coffee is made in this unique landscape and try some along the way. It’s easy to access from many Kona hotels, as well as other places of interest, like the Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm on Keahole Coast. It’s not common to see a seahorse, but stranger is it to see so many and even more surreal is to actually hold one. The island holds some unique experiences, and this is one of them.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Kona

Long ago in Kona, surfing was a sport only for royalty; commoners who were found surfing were punished by death. Thankfully now that is no longer the case, and everyone can try his or her hand at this popular water sport. North of St Peter’s Catholic Church on Ali’s Drive, sees surfers give up offerings to an alter dedicated solely to the art of surfing. There are many practices similar to this that go on around the island. Another such practice is the leaving of an offering in Pele, where throwing a flower over the rim of the crater shows respect to the land. However, it is extremely disrespectful to remove anything from Pele’s crater. A general rule of thumb to follow is never take anything from a site, check with locals before leaving any offerings, and if you see petroglyphs, idols, caves or ancient buildings, taking photos is fine, but don’t move anything. Otherwise you may be chased back to one of the Kona hotels you came from.