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How to Find the Best Hotels in Buffalo with Venere

Finding Buffalo hotels is about as easy as finding great Buffalo restaurants. They’re embedded in the city as part of its genetic make-up. There’s no need to sit at your laptop for hours, scrolling through lists of sites and deals to find something worthy of your wallet—you’ll have no problem finding a bite to eat in all corners of the city. Our experts at Venere have compiled a list of fabulous hotels in all shapes and sizes to suit your budget and lifestyle. You can even call our staff at Venere who will be happy to help you find the ideal accommodation to fit all of your travel needs. With a large university crowd and a load of thirty-somethings, finding places to sleep around central Buffalo is a good idea. But there are others, and Venere is more than willing to help you find the ideal accommodation for a trip to Buffalo that’s sure to make memories to last a lifetime.

What’s Buffalo Like?

Buffalo has a lively student population and plenty of buzz. It’s a youthful, energetic and bouncy city that has an absolutely thriving food industry with plenty of culinary delights. Any Buffalo hotel you find will never be far from somewhere great to eat, a fact that many locals take solace in. But it’s not all just about urban jungles in this city, as staying close to US Highway 16 makes for a different trip altogether. Renting a car would be a great idea, because the drive through this highway’s mountains and canyons is simply breathtaking. All American vistas fill your senses, as you take in the vast beauty this stretch of highway offers its passers-by. It wouldn’t matter what weather you landed in, the views are extraordinary. Visit the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum and the Historical Occidental Hotel Museum for a slice of Buffalo history.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Buffalo

Buffalo is notorious for grueling cold winters, so dressing warm is a necessity. Making sure you pack the right clothing before setting off on your North American adventure will ensure you have a comfortable trip. Similarly, if you’re planning on driving its fine highways, it would be prudent to seek advice on driving conditions before setting off on any journeys, as the roads can be incredibly dangerous during these months, and better to check with local weather forecasts before setting out. If you are driving, many Buffalo hotels offer parking, so it shouldn’t be a problem when checking in. However, it is always best to check with the hotel before booking to avoid any unnecessary confusion. A great way of getting to see more untouched, natural parts of Buffalo is to do day tours. These come in many forms, with quad bikes being a very popular and fun way of seeing all this great city has to offer.