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How to Find the Best Sacramento hotels with Venere

Whether it's boating on the river, gliding around the historic district in a carriage, viewing countless art galleries and museums, or myriad other urban thrills, you've found the perfect vacation in Sacramento. With so many events, activities, and discoveries to be had, there's no one best way to visit Sacramento, but there's only one perfect way to get there: with our travel experts at Venere! When you book with Venere, you'll be in good hands thanks to our industry-leading selection and services. Browse online at your leisure through over 200 amazing Sacramento hotels in just a few clicks, or call us any time to speak to one of our expert travel assistants who will help you zero in on those perfect accommodations. Check out our thousands of hotel reviews from real Venere users for even more added travel confidence. So hop online or give us a call today to start planning your trip to "River City!"

What's Sacramento like?

No matter where you've visited in the past, you're sure to find Sacramento unlike any place you've ever been. This unique city has it all, from dynamic history, to diversity, outdoor adventures, urban escapades, to arts, culture, and everything in-between. One of the oldest cities in California, history buffs will rejoice in the many amazing historic and cultural outlets. Discover hotels near Old Sacramento for a peek back in time at a well-preserved historic district, complete with horse-drawn carriages and vintage shops. Outdoors adventurers will find unlimited thrills in river rafting, hot air balloon rides, and more. Revel in the excitement of a college town, thanks to the presence of California State University, Sacramento, and University of California, Davis among many others. Explore hotels by "The Grid" in midtown to shop 'til you drop at dozens of urban boutiques and retailers. Museumgoers should dive in to the State Indian Museum, Sutter's Fort, or Crocker Art Museum, just to scratch the surface. You'll find many Sacramento hotels within walking distance or close proximity to public transit for many such activities and more!

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Sacramento

When you book with Venere, you not only access our unbeatable and industry-leading services, but you'll also have the inside scoop on your travel destination, like having a Sacramento local always at your side to help you make the most of your amazing vacation and blend in with the residents. There are numerous local tips pertaining to river safety, as there are lots of inviting river activities in the warmer months! Always remember that the water temperature is still often below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so avoid hypothermia by easing yourself into river activities (and not leaping right in from vigorous sports activities). But outside of the water, look out for high temps in the summer, and drink plenty of water! On the subject of unique regional weather, locals will also advise careful driving in the winter months, as the area is very prone to thick fog, which can make travel hazardous. You'll find countless activities and good public transit near many Sacramento hotels, however, so it is perfectly possible to get by without renting a vehicle during your stay!