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How to Find the Best Clearwater hotels with Venere

Looking for a beach vacation with a little more to offer? Then look no further than Clearwater! In this spectacular and unique destination, you'll get the world-class beaches you've been craving, but also a trip to scratch just about any travel itch, from historical sites, to urban adventures, to ethnic cuisine, and much more. And there's no better way to book than with our regional experts at Venere! When you book with us at Venere, you can browse through our unbeatable selection of hundreds of Clearwater hotels, sorting through dozens at a time with just a few clicks. Or give us a call any time to speak with one of our travel assistants who will help you zero in on that perfect hotel. You'll travel with confidence thanks to our industry-leading services and expertise, so hop online or give us a call today to start planning your trip to Clearwater!

What's Clearwater like?

An enticingly eclectic city, Clearwater has something for just about any traveler, whether you're flying solo, traveling as a couple, with kids, or as a group. Naturally, you'll find myriad amazing Clearwater hotels just steps away from the miles of world-class beaches, offering thrilling water sports and endless hours of relaxation. Or, explore the sea from another thrilling vantage point aboard Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise. But for those looking for a little more, there's so much else to this historic, urban destination! If you're traveling with kids, check out accommodations near the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Shop 'til you drop at the Westfield Countryside Mall (and skate in its indoor ice rink!), and of course check out all the amazing seafood eateries you'll find across Clearwater. To snag a hotel close to unforgettable sunset views, look no further than lodgings by Clearwater Pier to be just steps away from some of the most beautiful sunsets you could ask for.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Clearwater

Your trip to Clearwater just got even better, thanks to our regional experts at Venere! You're always sure to make the most of any trip when you embark with tips from the locals, which is exactly what Venere is ready to offer. Like having a Clearwater resident at your side, you're sure to set off ahead of your fellow visitors when it comes to local know-how. One quick way to get on locals' good sides is to do a little bit of reading up on the history of the region, and especially the places you plan to visit, before you arrive. Clearwater has a fascinating and dynamic history stretching back to long before the Civil War, with even some of the Clearwater hotels themselves carrying long histories, and locals are generally very proud of their heritage. You'll also find the area to be wonderfully diverse, so head out with an open mind and broad horizons. You're likely to hear English and Spanish as the major languages spoken, but also a good bit of French, German, and Greek among others! So get ready to explore and try new things, and this of course applies to the abundant amazing ethnic eateries!