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New Orleans - NOLA, the Big Easy - is a step outside the ordinary and into a magical domain of fabulous music, spicy cuisine, a unique history and blend of world cultures that makes it an experience like no other. Colonized first by the Spanish, then the French, then sold to America by Napoleon in 1803, New Orleans developed along lines unique to the United States. It has all of Europe's enjoyment of life's pleasures framed within a one of a kind culture fostered by its bouillon of Spanish, French, African and Native American populations. Whether it's a beautifully restored historic property on legendary Bourbon Street or a stylish contemporary boutique hotel, Venere makes New Orleans hotels easy to choose from with reliable customer reviews. The online booking process is streamlined for convenience and offers a wide range of choices.

What's New Orleans Like?

The French Quarter is the natural hub for visitors, featuring scenic New Orleans hotels, fabulous dining and shopping in a restored historic setting, including the St. Louis Cathedral built in 1724, the 1850 House museum and The Cabildo, the seat of government during the Spanish colonial period. Like Paris, and thanks in part to its history of voodoo, the cemeteries of New Orleans have become a major tourist attraction. Since the city was built on swampland, bodies have to be buried above ground and the cemeteries feature elaborate and ornate marble crypts and mausoleums. The most famous of them is St. Louis Cemetery #1, the everlasting home of Marie Laveau, a legendary voodoo queen. Music is the lifeblood of the city and flows through the streets of the French Quarter and beyond. A marching band plays at traditional funerals and the entire city comes alive every February for Mardi Gras down Bourbon Street.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in New Orleans

This is a city full of magic and superstition and travelers will find many signs of it, including fortune tellers, voodoo practitioners and more. While much of the American south is rightfully called the Bible Belt, visitors will find New Orleans is also a tolerant and socially liberal city with relaxed attitudes more in keeping with its European heritage. The bars do not close in New Orleans and there is a constant flow of people through the downtown at all hours of the day and night. There you'll find both the Creole and the Cajun (creators of the spicy dishes characteristic of the city's cuisine). The present day population is diverse and friendly to strangers and visitors. With reliable reviews, Venere lets travelers explore the magic of New Orleans from the perfect hotel room.